Alpine Turns Big Data to a Priceless Asset Fast GigaOmLive

Alpine Turns Big Data to a Priceless Asset - Fast #GigaOmLive

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Dare you. Go into your CFO’s office and ask her to quantify the returns on your company’s big data assets. You may very well come back with a bill.

That’s because while data storage is cheap and keeps getting cheaper, it still isn’t free. And usurping value from your “priceless asset” is a whole other story. It takes time, it costs money and requires talent that you may or may not employ or have access to.

Even if you have everything cued up and ready to go, by the time your insights are delivered, they’re probably old and based on only a sample of the available data. Some miraculous competitive advantage, huh?

Analysis in 10 Minutes or Less

Ok, perhaps we’re being a little sarcastic but it’s not a story we haven’t heard.

It’s also not a problem that hasn’t been solved.

Steve Hillion

In fact, Steve Hillion, the founder of Alpine Data Labs, has been at it for quite a long time, even before the company’s founding. His vision from the start was to deliver collaborative big data insights in short order and without a lot of pain. Today Alpine can help companies do things like churn analysis in eight minutes and product life time analysis in ten.

And when it comes to creating user-friendly dashboards built for collaboration between data workers and business users Alpine has made a great deal of progress. In 2012 I had to strain my brain to figure out not only how the wheels might turn, but what they even looked like. Today the front end is a no-brainer. (What goes on behind the scenes and in a data scientist’s head is probably an entirely different story.)

Bruno Aziza

This matters because for every data scientist in the world, there are 100 business analysts, according to Bruno Aziza, Alpine’s Chief Marketing Officer. So enterprises that want to work at the speed of business must empower business analysts to glean insights or sacrifice competitive advantage.

Think it sounds like a bunch of hype? Grab a data set and check it out for yourself.

Learning Opportunities

Query Performance at Record Speed

Today Alpine Data Labs is announcing it has been certified by Databricks on Apache Spark.

Databricks, the company founded by the creators of Spark, recently announced Spark Certification as a means to encourage new development on the distributed, in-memory cluster computing framework.

What the certification means to Alpine customers is even faster (up to 100x faster) performance and greater agility than they’ve had access to in the past.

There’s also another business win to consider. While many of today’s analytics tools use only a sample of available data to glean insights, Alpine’s Chorus tool is engineered in a way that it can deliver results based on all of the data. It could be the difference between making decisions based on the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg itself.

If you’re attending the GigaOm Structure Data conference in New York City tomorrow or Thursday, Alpine will be demonstrating Chorus at booth No. 16. Alpine will also lead a session on 1:15 pm tomorrow featuring Michael Cavaretta, chief data scientist at Ford, Peter Memon, director of data analytics at Barclays Capital and Vikram Vatsalan, executive director, Morgan Stanley.

Watch the video below to learn more about Alpine's solution. (Did somebody say Jon Lovitz?)

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