Big Data Meets Clean Data in IBM Offering #IBMInsight

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Boston's got it wrong. Dirty water's nothing to be loved — nor is dirty data.

That's IBM's thinking today as it released a new generation of data services on the IBM Cloud that officials claim will make big data relevant and actionable for businesses. IBM unveiled the services at the Armonk, NY-based technology giant's big data conference, IBM Insight in Las Vegas.

"Consuming dirty water will make you sick," Rob Thomas, IBM's senior vice president of product development for big data and information management, told today's crowd of about 13,000. "And dirty data will make your corporation sick."

All About 'Good Data'

IBM officials promised today the new cloud-based big data analytics services will:

  • Simplify and automate the ability to find, refine and prepare data 
  • Warehouse data in the cloud, making it instantly available for analytics 
  • Curate unstructured data services to increase the confidence in analytics 
  • Enhance mobile and web applications with embedded analytics

Business users need "good data, current data and relevant data," Thomas told the Insight gathering this afternoon. "You can't always find exactly what you need," Thomas said. "The goal is not to just to collect data but to act on data. You need a data refinery."

IBM's looking for a change.

Learning Opportunities

Just last week, the company reported disappointing revenue results, stumbling on its road to the cloud. IBM soon after the financials were reported announced it was hooking up with the Microsoft Azure cloud, making IBM middleware such as WebSphere Liberty, MQ and DB2 available on Microsoft Azure.

IBM's release today includes: 

  • IBM DataWorks: A set of cloud-based data refinery services that shape, cleanse, match and secure data
  • IBM dashDB: A cloud-based data warehousing and analytics service with in-memory technology built-in to deliver answers faster
  • IBM Cloudant: Cloudant Local, an on-premise edition of the fully managed cloud Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) that enables a fluid hybrid cloud data layer that spans private data centers, mobile devices and third-party cloud providers, is now in the mix
  • Watson Curator: A software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that increases confidence in the delivery of quality content collections and governance for IBM Watson Solutions

IBM DataWorks, dashDB and Cloudant are available on IBM Bluemix. 

IBM also announced that its portfolio of analytics capabilities, including Cognos Business Intelligence, SPSS predictive analytics platforms and the newly announced Watson Analytics, will be available via IBM Cloud marketplace.