Did we call it or what?

Vishal Sikka just confirmed via Twitter that he will be leading Infosys into the future.

The Stanford PhD who, up until early last month, was an executive member of SAP’s Board and is widely credited for bringing Guinness World record breaking database SAP HANA to life, has now accepted the challenge of leading Infosys, the $31.1 billion global provider of business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing to a new level of greatness.

Sikka will be the Infosys’ first non-founder CEO.

A Well Respected Man


While the world has dozens of great technology leaders and innovators, Sikka stands out among them. He is known for not only his vision but also his passion for Enterprise technology.

Imagine if you can an extroverted Steve Jobs, who’s equally comfortable with board members, customers, developers and reporters.

Learning Opportunities

A genuine love for his products and his people shines through when he speaks or he writes.

Consider just a sentence from one of his posts on SAP HANA: “My little girl, HANA, is spreading its wings and bringing its transformative potential to the best business application suite on the planet. “

Consider too someone who takes the time to respond to a harshly written article about SAP’s management team on his personal blog, citing wisdoms gleaned from Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha:

Our metrics, our means of perceiving reality, are inevitably relative. Our perspectives, our points of view, shape who we are. Great collections of diverse points of view create rich syntheses of knowledge that enrich us all. This, as Hermann Hesse so eloquently articulated, can become the basis for our personal wisdom. 

This wisdom is then our connection to an absolute truth. No matter how long or how short our journeys, how broad or narrow our reach, or how big or small our jobs and titles, our wisdom is uniquely personal to us. But, perspectives are only valuable when they are honest, and grounded in reality. 

Spoken from the heart. Seen through the eyes of an innocent four year old. This is what Design Thinking teaches us. This is what Hesse has taught me. This is what Einstein discovered. This is what enlightened the Buddha, and what Herr Hesse invoked in his masterpiece.

Everything else is just talk, words disturbing the air around us, for a short fleeting while...”

What's Next?

Those of us who watch business, the tech industry and its leaders are excited to watch Sikka’s and Infosys’s next chapters begin.