To some of us, the mere idea of gleaning insights from operational and machine data seems baffling — like something that only large enterprises with big bucks and sophisticated IT pros have the resources to do. This leaves the rest of us straining our eyes and brains, examining and analyzing log files to anticipate and solve problems. 

It shouldn’t be this way. This is an era where data and tools are supposed to be democratized. Where the guy on Main Street is expected to run his business with the same level of insight as the guy on Wall Street.

After all, we all have access to large quantities of data and the need to analyze it. And if we fail to do so, we risk the systems that run our businesses going down, getting invaded, having important data stolen and more.

So if you’re a vendor that offers operational and machine data analytical tools and you don’t level the playing field, someone else will. And if that someone else isn’t out there, yet, then you’ve just given them a reason to emerge.

Splunk didn’t want that to happen, so this morning it released Splunk Light, a log search and analysis solution for small IT departments and individuals. It gives Main Street and small companies the tools that they need to analyze data generated by web servers, click streams, mobile, GPS, RFID, data bases, devices and more.

The price? Seventy-five dollars a month, paid annually, but there’s also a freemium version.