Time Out You Can Quit Looking for Data Scientists

Data scientists are hard to find and expensive to keep, but that doesn’t mean that big data insights are beyond your reach.

And, no, we’re not suggesting that you outsource your most important work to a team of analysts in a distant land.

After all, there’s a new generation of advanced, self-service, analytics tools that promise to help business and data analysts discover the same keen insights in short order.

Alteryx, which Gartner calls a Visionary in its most recent Advanced Analytics report, provides a data blending and analytics platform that helps end users glean important, actionable insights without the help of a PhD or even a programmer.

Instrument of Change?

“Alteryx is the software instrument of change for all analytical leaders from the back office to the boardroom,” promised George Mathew, president and COO of Alteryx.

And while we typically dismiss these kinds of quotes as marketing hype, Alteryx has 400 companies like Experian, Kaiser, Ford and McDonald's and more than 200,000 knowledge workers worldwide who leverage the platform to make data driven decisions. Not bad for a company that’s four years old.

Today, the company announces Alteryx 9.0, which offers game changing capabilities such as empowering users to gain insights from not only established repositories but also those that are still emerging such as:

  • Social media data feeds from DataSift – With DataSift and GNIP support, Alteryx allows analysts to bring these new sources of insight into any analytical workflow.
  • Sales and marketing data from Google Analytics and Marketo – Building on the existing SalesForce.com integration Alteryx empowers analysts to blend data from across the full sales and marketing lifecycle.
  • Emerging customer-data centric enterprise-scale data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Pivotal, Greenplum and HP Vertica – Alteryx provides for simple integration of these data sources without long IT work cycles in order to deliver a complete picture of customer engagement.

Alteryx 9.0 also makes it easy for analysts to leverage data trapped in SAS repositories by providing a connector so that it can be easily blended with data from other sources, thereby eliminating the need for multiple tools and consulting engagements. Read/write capabilities are available for both SAS and IBM SPSS files.


Why Code When You Can Drag and Drop?

Let’s face it: line-of-business workers and almost anyone else, for that matter, would rather manipulate data with drag-and-drop predictive analytics tools versus coding in the R language. Alteryx 9.0 enables users to scale the volume of data that can be analyzed using R-based tools, making it even simpler to create analytic apps through a consumer-friendly UI for on and off premise cloud deployments.

According to Alteryx, new capabilities include:

  • Integration of the Revolution Analytics platform to simplify and scale predictive analytics beyond the memory limitations of R
  • Simpler creation of analytic apps through an intuitive UI design built directly into the Alteryx workflow
  • A new on-premise server solution that unifies the user experience for analytic app consumers across the server and the Alteryx Analytics Gallery

Big Data Analytics for All

Big Data and Analytics 3.0 make big promises, but they can’t come to fruition if only a few individuals have access to insights. Alteryx 9.0 not only democratizes big data analytics in the Enterprise, but it also provides users with the tools they need to leverage new data sources.

The result? More Enterprise workers have the information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Title image by Wai Chan / Shutterstock.