New York-based Quantum Art produces the QP7 content application server. QP7 is geared towards web content management, but aims to break away from the page-based metaphor and provide a framework for developing content centric web applications utilizing QP7 content objects.The product is available in a few flavors: QP7.Enterprise, QP7.Multisite, QP7.Subscribe, and QP7.GOV. The four names tell the story quite clearly, with Enterprise most appropriate for larger corporate websites, Multisite designed for managing multiple sites in a single cluster, QP7.Subscribe being a hosted version, and QP7.GOV geared for "people-focused" government environments and applications. QP7 is most often deployed as a stand-alone server, but Quantum Art offers the product as a hosted solution and provides a pathway for customers who wish to start with the hosted model and eventually move to an in-house infrastructure. The hosted version, QP7.Subscribe, is branded as the On Demand solution and was recently reviewed by eWeek. eWeek's Jim Rapoza and the eWeek Labs staff completed the QP7.Subscribe review earlier this month. The review is a touch brief, but covers some important areas of the product and is largely positive. Read the eWeek review.