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  • Web CMS Vendor Quantum Art Updates Exec Team

    Quantum Art has augmented their leadership team with Joe Barrett joining as the new President and CEO.

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  • Quantum Art: Free ASP.NET Web CMS

    Quantum Art's QP7 platform has never been your typical commercial Web CMS. Architecturally, it came in the door as a platform meant to be shaped and molded to fit the client's content business model. Aesthetically, it provided a better than average back office UI with an elegant design.

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  • Web CMS: Quantum Art Gets Cozy with .NET

    San Francisco-based Quantum Art updates their QP7 Web CMS platform and makes better friends with Visual Studio, adding a RAD module for content application development.The QP7 Framework has evolved from an ASP/COM model to an increasingly .NET and services oriented design. The update of QP7 to QP7.

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  • Quantum Art Leaps

    Quantum Art, a San Francisco-based Content Management and Web Publishing vendor announces strong growth through 2005 with record profitability. As the company continued seeing greater demand for its content application server QP7.Framework, and new on-demand offering QP7.Subscribe, Quantum Art tripled its revenues and improved margins. Until December 2004, the majority

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  • CMS Review - Quantum Art QP7

    New York-based Quantum Art produces the QP7 content application server. QP7 is geared towards web content management, but aims to break away from the page-based metaphor and provide a framework for developing content centric web applications utilizing QP7 content objects.The product is available in a few flavors: QP7.Enterprise, QP7.Multisite, QP7.Subscribe,

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  • Quantum Art Updates CMS Framework Offering

    San Francisco-based Quantum Art, a provider of content management solutions, delivers their latest product, the QP7.Framework, a content application server. QP7 Enterprise is notable for its ability to enable business users to easily produce functional web components."QP7.

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