Quantum Art QP7 Web CMSQuantum Art's QP7 platform has never been your typical commercial Web CMS. Architecturally, it came in the door as a platform meant to be shaped and molded to fit the client's content business model. Aesthetically, it provided a better than average back office UI with an elegant design. These things are still true. What's changed is that now it comes in the door, and yes its the front door, for free, gratis, gratuit.The new Quantum Art incarnation, QP7.Express, is a free single-user version of its QP7 content application server. Integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio, QP7.Express delivers the same content inventory management and content delivery capabilities offered in Quantum Artâ??s commercial products, only packaged as a personal content management solution. The key difference is that the single-user Express version is meant for single person publishing teams as might exist in small companies or many of the Fortune 1000 departments. The Express version lacks the workflow and permissions management features found in enterprise version of QP7. Quantum Art fully intends to support integrators and developers who wish to build solutions for their customers and then transfer the license to the end client. In this light, its clear they intend to shift the positioning of QP7 in the market, executing some techy guerilla marking, and with an eye towards and making QP7 a household name in the .NET dev shops. In an interview with CMSWire this past week Quantum Art CEO Edward Shenderovich shared his vision for QP7.Express. He explained that the Express edition combined with a well-funded drive to grow the Quantum Art's Online Developer Community (ODC) is meant to open to doors and drive the learning and resource development and sharing that will earn the respect of technical implementers. "With QP7.Express, we're giving free access to our CMS technology to anyone who wants to build a .NET-driven solution. We encourage business users to talk to their web developers about QP7.Express and experience a new way of publishing online content and adding interactive applications to their websites," says Edward. As a personal content management solution, QP7.Express lets .NET developers and site administrators create new functionality, manage component libraries, and add dynamic content to any existing website. In addition, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, allows programmers to leverage QP7.Express as a development environment that addresses solution architecture, code management and performance optimization in .NET web application development. QP7 Open Development Community Developers can tune into Quantum Art's Open Development Community for pre-built .NET components, answers to common questions, developer-to-developer forums, and direct access to Quantum Art staff. The ODC site offers free QP7.Express software modules including navigation, forums, news, calendaring, FAQs and others. To access the Community complete the free registration at http://odc.quantumart.com. QP7.Express is available immediately for download at www.quantumart.com/express.