Quantum Art
San Francisco-based Quantum Art, a provider of content management solutions, delivers their latest product, the QP7.Framework, a content application server. QP7 Enterprise is notable for its ability to enable business users to easily produce functional web components."QP7.Framework is a result of several years of architecting, developing, and testing an optimal solution for the delivery of structured information to the web," said Edward Shenderovich, Quantum Art's President and CEO. "We have listened carefully to our customers, looked at the trends, and tried to express market needs in a solution that will address enterprise content management problems over the next several years." From the architectural perspective, the software uses an object-oriented templating model and exportable XML content type definitions. The core presentation template and a library of template objects may be created using standard HTML-editing tools or using QP7's online interfaces. Key features include: OnScreen Technology WYSIWYG editing and management of dynamic content. Copy and paste support from Office applications. HTML editing for power users. Style and Code Libraries Developers have an ability to create and manage libraries of code snippets and styles that can be reused across the solution. Users can have access to the library through a WYSIWYG interface and visually add snippets of code to their posts. Version Control QP7.Framework provides audit trail functionality and associated reporting capabilities. All previous versions of content are stored for future comparison or retrieval. Users can view and roll back to previous versions of content. Configurable Workflow Provides a graphical interface to create and manage workflows through a centralized console. Assign unlimited step workflow processes to multiple content types and/or to individual content objects. Configurable e-mail notifications. Data Integration Through the addition of "virtual contents", users are able to link multiple content types and query third-party and outside tools and databases for content. Full-Text Search Enhances prior search functionality, delivering a ready to deploy, tightly integrated full-text search. Search respects all user/group rights and publishing states, ensuring information security. Multi-channel Publishing RSS/XML syndication and transformation support. Deployment & Management Staging and production environments. Site backup and restore. Site statistics reporting. Broken link reporting. Quantum Art has released three solutions for the QP7.Framework:
  • QP7.Enterprise - Targeted at corporate users
  • QP7.Multisite - For deploying as a hosted service
  • QP7.GOV - Geared for the government CMS market