Web CMS: Quantum Art
San Francisco-based Quantum Art updates their QP7 Web CMS platform and makes better friends with Visual Studio, adding a RAD module for content application development.The QP7 Framework has evolved from an ASP/COM model to an increasingly .NET and services oriented design. The update of QP7 to QP7.4 marks a notable step in this direction. "With QP7.4 we’re giving internal corporate developers and implementation teams the framework they need to create content management-enabled web applications quickly and easily. We are taking traditional content management to the next step, going beyond the separation of content and presentation in managing web pages, to provide developers with a framework for adding content management functionality to any web application," says Edward Shenderovich, CEO of Quantum Art. This release includes the following new features: * Enhanced Visual Studio integration * Single Interface for Adding/Editing Related Content Items * Object "check in / check out" - a safety feature that prevents code overwrites * Performance enhancements * Full support for the .NET 2.0 platform Other standard features of QP7 include: * Content versioning, permissions, workflow, auditing, scheduling, and archival * Content events, triggers, and notifications * Custom content entity types and wizard generation tools * Virtual content entities * Document repository integration * Deployment and site management * Optional platform extensions such as email lists, forums, and ecommerce QP7 is available both directly and via the Quantum Art partner network, with retail pricing starting at about USD 9000 per CPU.