Quantum Art, a San Francisco-based Content Management and Web Publishing vendor announces strong growth through 2005 with record profitability. As the company continued seeing greater demand for its content application server QP7.Framework, and new on-demand offering QP7.Subscribe, Quantum Art tripled its revenues and improved margins. Until December 2004, the majority of Quantum Art’s customers were government agencies. However in 2005, the company landed more than 50 new customer contracts with high technology and media companies, including Alvarion Ltd., Authorize.net and American Lawyer Media. To date, Quantum Art’s government accounts represent 30 percent of their product revenue, while new technology and media accounts represent 70 percent of product revenue. In 2005, Quantum Art initiated a new partner program, signing with resellers in the U.S. and Europe, including Sawabeh Information Services Company (SISCOM), Red Door Interactive, MWI, Talisman Interactive, NELiX Inc. and DeCare Systems Ireland. Additional information: www.quantumart.com