Inbound Writer's Search Intelligence Solution Gets Plugged into WordPress

2 minute read
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Last week we talked about InboundWriter’s social writing application and its impact on web content. This week, Inbound Writer gets plugged-in. The launch of a new WordPress plugin (made possible by with help from Eightfold Logic, an inbound marketing innovator) enables InboundWriter users to access real-time search intelligence within one of the most popular blogging software platforms.

Plug-in Your Content

InboundWriter for WordPress can be downloaded for free and aims to increase the reach and engagement of bloggers and their online blog posts.

Learning Opportunities

Forget cut and pasting from within the Inbound Writer interface. The WordPress plugin give bloggers easy access, letting them perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Understand What Interests Readers: Users can discover the very words their readers are using when searching and sharing on the social web. InboundWriter for WordPress searches thousands of documents and websites on the social web, and recommends the best words and phrases to use to help make content more engaging and discoverable (SEO).
  • Real-Time Coaching: Bloggers can receive specific guidance and recommendations on the best words and phrases to use, as well on how to best structure their content for maximum SEO visibility once they publish. Users can also research different topics right from within the WordPress plugin interface.
  • Reach a Wider Audience: Users can take advantage of keyword recommendations and optimization tips so as to increase the likelihood their blog posts will be discovered online, helping to drive more search engine traffic. InboundWriter for WordPress users can easily adjust their approach through interactive gauges and real-time content scoring.

No More Excuses

Your online content has a lot of competition. Not only does Inbound Writer offer a quick and easy step by step application to make content more relevant, by plugging into WordPress, there really is no excuse for not creating more dynamic, engaging content.