Keyword Searching Next Generation of Targeted Collection for e-Discovery, Clearwell Says

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Keyword Searching Next Generation of Targeted Collection for eDiscovery, Clearwell Says
For companies that have been lured into a false sense of security by using enterprise search tools to comb through their growing repositories of online data, Clearwell says, not so fast. The e-Discovery vendor -- recently bought by Symantec -- has announced a few key enhancements to its identification and collection module designed to bring the next generation of targeted collection to e-Discovery.

What Does Next-Generation Targeted Collection Look Like?

In its present state, existing approaches to e-Discovery collection rely on third-party applications, such as enterprise search and have been adapted without much flexibility for e-Discovery. From manual approaches, which sacrifice time and resources for little defensibility and accuracy, to extreme “index everything” approaches, which stretches budgets and unnecessarily duplicates efforts, organizations are left with inefficient processes and inaccurate indexing.

Thanks to Clearwell, the future of targeted collection is bright. With its new federated search-enabled keyword collection, Clearwell hopes to improve the way companies leverage existing IT infrastructure, such as built-in indices for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Windows file shares, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Its integration can likely save companies time and money, while identifying and collecting potentially relevant ESI for litigation, compliance and regulatory inquiries more accurately and efficiently.

Keyword Searching Has Style, Substance

By adding keyword searching to its identification and collection module, users can filter information intelligently, which will reduce the amount of data collected, processed, analyzed, reviewed and produced. The more relevant the data found, the less cumbersome the rest of the EDRM process becomes. But savings is just part of its charm. Efficiency and capacity are also pretty persuasive.

Learning Opportunities

Keyword filters allow users to filter collections by keywords

Keyword filters allow users to filter collections by keywords. 

As data grows and storage capacity increases to accommodate the ever-increasing amounts of email, wikis, blogs, and other electronic media, being able to store a variety of information, both on-premises and in the cloud and retrieve it for e-Discovery purposes is especially helpful.

With Extended SharePoint Collections, users can collect the range of SharePoint documents

With Extended SharePoint Collections, users can collect the range of SharePoint documents. 

With Clearwell’s new approach to targeted collection, companies can continue to adopt cloud-computing technologies, without having to sacrifice storage, access or discovery of its data.

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