Recently, Forrester examined the role and challenge that video plays within the world of enterprise search. But it’s not just video that the enterprise should be focusing on. In a new report, Forrester outlines six additional trends emerging within enterprise search and what it means for the way companies plan.

Emerging Trends for Enterprise Search

The report focuses more on strategies than technologies, which is indicative of the rapidly changing face of media and other digital assets that can affect the way companies search for information, as well as the information that needs to be organized. While the enterprise is still struggling to keep up with emerging technologies and strategies for collaboration, there is still a lot to look forward to, despite lean management teams and tight budgets.

You can read the full report for a more detailed account, but here are a few that got our attention.

More Show, Less Tell

As more companies start to put their plans into action, more search managers are empowered to make business decisions, rather than just collecting requirements and specifications. Regardless of whether everyone accepts that search technologies are a priority, it’s more effective to show than to tell.

Learning Opportunities

Searching for Internal Analysis, Innovation

Taking a cue from the Empowered Employee, search solutions are likely to influence other company-wide innovations. Forrester forecasts that “organizations will turn to search to provide access to and analysis of the real-time flow of internal social content in forums and threaded discussions.”In other words, search won’t be just for traditional search and discovery. As company information becomes more sophisticated and is spread across multiple engagement platforms, like social media, the more useful enterprise search will become for tracking workplace trends and analysis.

Improving Relevance with Quality Content

The connection between finding relevant documents and the quality of the document’s content will start to make sense for business units, like Human Resources, which will start to improve the way company policies and presentations. Like metadata, a commitment to better-quality content can increase the chance that people actually find what they are looking for. When employees start writing with discovery in mind, it can advance how content is structured and help make everyone more efficient.

While companies are still reliant on technology to help improve the way they search for information, having an effective strategy is still more important, to ensure that content is optimized for accuracy. When organizations reap the benefits of better quality content, combined with efficient technologies, they'll begin to see how enterprise search can affect more than just files and documents.