Customer Experience: 1World Online Polling
Customer insight and trends are all about the numbers with social opinion and polling service 1World Online.

A Different Kind of Customer Insight

While there multiple tools available, such as social media and email, businesses can sometimes still have trouble determining key customer trends as customer opinion on a particular product and service can be vague or varied when responding an email or posting an opinion on Twitter or Facebook. This is where 1World’s polling service can be useful.

Who Are 1World Online?

With 1World, businesses are able to find out exactly what customers are thinking through focused questions and yes or no answer polls. For example, a poll that was created in April asks the question “Would you like a special screen in your car that lets you use social media on the road?” Respondent information is then broken down into specific categories, such as age, gender and education. Both respondents and business can also see the total amount of votes the poll has, the amount of times it's been viewed, if anyone is tracking it and how many people changed their opinion since first voting.

1World offers a unique view of the world -- a view through the consumer's eyes,” said Alex Fedosseev, co-founder and chief executive officer of 1World. "1World is responding to an unmet demand from businesses to obtain accurate, quantifiable and comprehensive data on what people really think."

Poll categories include entertainment, consumer products, health, technology and arts and culture. Along with a web-based version, there are also apps for iOS and Android devices. 

How is 1World Different?

Unlike other polling applications and services that merely give respondents the ability to answer questions, 1World gives respondents more of an educated polling experience through expert opinions from industry professionals and data points from relevant articles. While the questions are still centered around yes or no answers, respondents end up knowing more about the topic in question before they make their decision. 

Another feature that makes the 1World polling system unique is how it gathers information. Polls are promoted through three different means: 1World members receive emails and social media alerts about new polls; polls are advertised; and for monthly theme polls or "Chain of Poll" polls, the company lines up a panel of respondents to answer questions relating to that theme.

While there isn't any specific data on how many respondents there are for the site in total, the 1World Market Insight Report May 2013 noted that during the month of April visitors responded to 194 different poll questions, which included 55 new polls.

A New Monetization Strategy

Recently the company launched a monetization strategy in the form of a B2B subscription service. With this service, businesses can use the responses to certain polls to inform digital marketing campaigns. For example, if a person answered a few questions relating to their smartphone preference, app developers could use this information to market their products to those users based on what device they chose.

Therefore, with this subscription service companies are able to pinpoint new and potential clients, which will help it build on or add to its customer base and create products that better meet consumer demand. 

The service was developed as part of 1World's Series A round of funding which was completed in April and totaled at US$ 1 million.