Facebook, Pinterest and Dropbox came out on top along with comedian Louis C.K. and photo-sharing app Instagram in the 2012 Webby Awards.

While there were over 500 nominations this year, there were only two winners in each category. Each category had one Webby Award winner and one People's Voice Winner. One and a half million people voted for the People's Voice Winners, and some of those included Sesame Street Muppets for Best Home Page, Mint.com for best financial services website and HTC Sense for best consumer electronics.


Webbys will be given out in the above categories at the 16th annual awards ceremony May 21 in New York City. 

Mobile and Apps

Instagram won breakout of the year, and Louis C.K. won a Webby for person of the year. Facebook won a special people's choice award in the inaugural People's Special Achievement for Social Change category.

Pinterest won for best social media website, but Flipboard for iPhone won best social app for handheld devices. Flipboard won the Webby Award in that category and was also the People's Voice Winner, and Skype did the same thing in best social app for tablets and other devices.

Similarly, Dropbox won both awards in the best Web service and app category, and also in the best website practices section. Webby nominations were spread out across dozens of sections in the Mobile and Apps, Websites, Online Film and Video and Interactive Advertising categories.

Online Film and Video

Websites is the largest category, but there were almost as many films and videos nominated as there were apps, and some of the sections in this category were divided among video series' and single episodes. Al Jazeera English: The Stream won the Webby Award for news and politics: series. Vice News won both the Webby Award and the People's Voice for the single episode of news and politics with The Vice Guide to Congo

Additionally, Forgot Your Password won a Webby in the email marketing category, and Old Spice won two People's Voice Awards in separate advertising categories for its Mano a Mano en el Bano campaign. Tell us in the comments if you plan on watching the awards ceremony or if you voted in this year's Webby awards.