5 Pillars of Salesforce's New Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud
The first major release based around the Salesforce acquisition of Radian6 has been unveiled and extends social enterprise marketing with the addition of features for social monitoring, insights, engagement, workflow and websites.

In the context of Salesforce, this probably all sounds familiar -- and a lot of it is -- but according to Salesforce, the new release from Radian6 ups the ante and extends the use of social tools.

Salesforce, Radian6

Earlier in the year, CMSWire interviewed Salesforce EVP Alex Dayon about the integration of Radian6.

He said at the time thatat the moment social engagement and CRM are being blended to support the way organizations engage with their customers and that the number one challenge for organizations is monetization of that engagement.

In this context, the acquisition of Radian6 made perfect sense… if the integration was successful.

Well, it seems it has been and the new release of Radian6 Salesforce has taken that integration further and says that enterprises now have at their disposal five key pillars across the Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud.

Those pillars are:

1. Social Monitoring

Using Social Monitoring, enterprises will be able tocapture 150 million sources of social media conversations being carried out on the web including those that are happening on the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, online communities and more.It also includes monitoring of 17 languages including Turkish and Polish.

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2. Social Insights

The new Radian6 Social Insights offers intelligent dashboards that display information garnered from sophisticated analytics to filter out relevant information from all the noise and identify relevant conversations. It also includes third-party providers like

3. Social Engagement

The Radian6 Social Engagement Console enables companies to enter the conversation where conversations are actually happening, be that on Twitter, Facebook or other social channels. New add-ons include the capability to see Trending Topics from Twitter and to determine the reach of shared links.

4. Social Workflow

With Radian6 Social Hub, enterprises will be able to apply analysis and rules to social media conversations. With it, users can send relevant social content where it is needed for engagement and response. It can also provide popular social customer profiles.

5. Social Websites

Siteforce enables enterprises to build socially rich websites to engage with customers using a drag-and-drop studio where marketers can build, edit, and publish websites without help from IT. It uses a flexible CMS, enabling companies to better engage with customers and prospects by adding social features.

Pricing and availability depends on what products you take and how far they are to be deployed. Salesforce Radian6 is generally available today for customers, starting at US$ 600 per deployment, per month, while the other products go up in price from that. Social Hub will be generally available in early 2012.