Acquia Lift Makes Drupal Sites Smarter Revenues Bigger

It’s every marketer’s dream — delivering the right offer, to the right visitor, at the right time, through the right channel, to drive greater revenue. Simple to say, not so easy to do.

Consider your own experience when visiting websites. How often are you presented with compelling offers that you’re willing to take action on? If you’re like me, not very often.

This could actually change in the near future. Earlier today, Acquia, provider of products, services and technical support for creating web experiences with the open source CMS Drupal, announced Acquia Lift, an optimization platform that promises to make websites smarter, marketers more productive and revenues greater.

If it works as promised and is widely accepted by the Drupal community, you — even as a consumer —could benefit from Acquia’s latest innovation. After all, there are more than million of Drupal sites on the web today.

Supercharging Personalization

Content personalization and target marketing are nothing new, you may be thinking. But when you add machine-learning and analytics, they become different animals. Or to use a slightly different metaphor, it’s the difference between firing into the woods while wearing a blindfold and seeing the color of your target’s eyes.

But the brilliance of Acquia Lift doesn’t stop there because aside from leveraging analytics, it actually learns. When a marketer misses the target, it remembers, it rethinks, and it uses additional data to drive decisions.

Acquia Lift enables data driven marketing.

And unlike other technologies that may claim to compete, part of Lift’s genius is that it enables organizations to easily create, iterate, and optimize content within the same interface, rather than moving between web content management (WCM) and targeting systems. Acqiua Lift customers or others who use Drupal don't have to toggle between screens and engage in other frustrating tasks.

How it Works

“Personalization and segmentation is not new,” says Tom Wentworth, Acquia’s VP of Marketing. What is new is marketing to large numbers of individuals in a highly relevant way, gaining insights from actions and applying big data-like principles to content marketing.

Acquia, the company, tested Lift out on its own site and realized a 40 percent conversion rate from website visitors. The company segmented its visitors into groups according to vertical markets, take educational institutions, healthcare and high tech for example. It then wanted to know what kind of offers they should put on the site that would generate a desired response. They learned that visitors from higher education organizations preferred white papers, healthcare practitioners typically clicked to download case studies and so on.

And while that’s a simple example (and simplicity is good if it generates results), figuring out what to show to a 40 year-old woman who lives in Boston and has looked at a dating site, a children’s clothing site, and job site on a windy March day is quite another, and it’s one that Acquia Lift might have a shot a handing, in time.

This is because Lift helps site owners apply multivariant and A/B testing to content, to add rules to select inputs to determine what may be meaningful, and to then determine what statistical winners look like so that they can take action. All of this happens automatically, mind you. (Unless you don’t want it to, of course.)

Like with most SaaS solutions, Acquia Lift users can be up and running in short order. Learning to work with the system and applying business assets and rules may take a bit longer, says Wentworth.

But getting a campaign up and running via a few clicks is a compelling offer as is taking the guesswork of a marketer’s life.

And then, of course, there’s revenue to consider. Using data to drive dollars seems to almost always be a good bet.

Title image by Jose Antonio Perez (Shutterstock).