Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in December 2012

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Welcome to the November 2012 installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month. If you feel that your project was left out, we invite you to email us at [email protected] to have a project representative added to the list of people we contact for updates.

Composite C1

In November, the folks at Composite C1 (news, site) released Composite C1 4.0 beta. This is the first beta for 4.0 and it offers a number of new features including:

  • Improved Page Template and Layout edit support for ASP.NET Razor, Web Forms and Master pages.
  • The addition of Razor and User Control Functions from C1Contrib into the public API and manageable from the C1 Console.
  • A new Page Templates Feature in Layout perspective that lets you maintain template elements without needing to code.
  • New razor syntax highlighting in the code editor.
  • ASP.NET sitemap provider support.
  • Search support in drop-down menus.
  • Free-hand image resizing in the visual editor.
  • Copy XSLT functions.
  • The addition of Internet Explorer 10 support with spell-checking in all input fields.


In November, the folks at Drupal (news, site) extended their Drupal 8 feature freeze -- which has been pushed back from December 1 to February 18, 2013. This decision was made due to the number of features that were still “heavily in progress, but not quite there yet.” In other words, the goal is to “tie up loose ends” on features that have either been previously committed or that have demonstrated “substantial progress” before December 1.


In November, the folks at Hippo CMS (news, site) became the The Netherlands’ National Champion at The European Business awards. This month was spent working toward the release of Hippo CMS 7.8 --which will ship on December 6. Its new functionality includes:

  • An extensible Targeting engine to let marketers customize the appearance of a site based on visitor characteristics, which can be stored and combined into Personas through the new Experience Optimizer. (Enterprise module only.)
  • A new Developer Panel, which makes it easier for developers to work directly in the CMS.
  • An Updater Editor that lets developers to create, manage and run updater scripts against a running repository without leaving the CMS, allowing bulk content changes.
  • A reload on startup feature that lets developers configure initialization items to be reloaded when the CMS starts, but only when the system detects a newer version of the item. Useful for DTAP environments.
  • A diff and patch tool in the console, which lets you create a diff between the bootstrap content and live content.


In November, the folks at Jahia Web CMS (news, site) presented two webinars. The first presents Jahia xCM 6.6.1 and its mobile features:

The second presents Jahia Wise -- the Social and Collaborative Document Sharing solution Jahia released this month:


In November, the folks at Joomla! (news, site) crossed the 36 million download mark. Leading up to the holidays, the project plans to hold Joomla Day Lagos on December 15.


In November, the folks at L3m0n focused on a number of different tasks -- one was development workflow. Features added include client-side templates and an auto-reload mechanism for templates and CSS. These additions cause changes in the IDE to update in the browser. Another focus was porting the collaborative text editor from HWIOS (news, site) and re-factoring it to better handle multiple sessions for the same content item.

Both the client-side and server-side routers were also re-factored to the point where they’re nearly identical. Middleware support was also added to the client, which enables experimentation with peer-to-peer technology like webRTC. In November, the focus will include the collaborative editor, the blogging engine and the creation of a static content manager for placing content items.


In November, the folks at mojoPortal (news, site) shipped mojoportal This version offers new features and improvements such as:

  • A new Page Content Wizard widget for moving directly from page creation to page editing.
  • Forum improvements -- such as fewer URL parameters and a forum thread sitemap that can be submitted to search engines for SEO purposes.
  • Blog improvements -- such as support for showing an Author Bio at the bottom of blog posts, the ability to add a Subtitle to individual posts, the ability to prevent bloggers from editing posts that aren't their own and the ability to show an Author Photo/Avatar and/or Author Bio at the bottom of HTML Content instances.
  • Newsletter improvements -- such as added support for some new token personalization replacements, with settings for configurable failback default values.


In November, the folks at Nuxeo released Nuxeo IDE 1.1.10. This version's improvements include:

  • The ability to convert all of your Nuxeo bundles, whatever they contain, with a unique “Convert Nuxeo Project” button.
  • Maintain your classpaths during project conversion, which allows you to use your favorite M2Eclips plugins.
  • Add Seam beans to any source folder and let hot reload manage them.
  • Bind your Nuxeo SDK to your Eclipse preferences, and browse your Nuxeo server content in Eclipse.


In November, the folks at OpenWorkdesk released OpenWorkdesk Community. This release offers the following new features:

  • A cross adaptor for CMIS called X-Scenario.
  • A OWD BPM Plugin implementation for Alfresco Software (news, site) Case Management and Alfresco BPM.
  • Task management support for CMIS and Alfresco (previously Contract Management).
  • The addition of PostgreSQL database support.
  • Performance logging with perf4j and log4javascript.
  • CMIS support for OwObject.move and Alfresco data model configuration overrides.
  • The ability for Administrators to define the sort order of CMIS properties.
  • New methods for filling OwString from external components.
  • A listing of available VirtualFolder definitions.


In November, the folks at Plone (news, site)held a Plone Tune-Up Day to focus on documentation. They also traveled to Boston for their 9th Annual Gilbane Conference, and issued an important security patch.


In November, the folks at Silverstripe (news, site) released SilverStripe Framework 3.0.3 and SilverStripe CMS 3.0.3. Both releases include a number of small improvements and bug fixes, as the team’s focus was to avoid changes to UI elements and APIs so users would have a simple, drop-in upgrade from SilverStripe 3.0.

November also brought two new modules -- a Document Management System and Dashboard. The Document Management System module allows users to drag and drop files and images for uploading, storing and integrating.

Learning Opportunities


SilverStripe 3’s new Document Management System module.

The new Dashboard module creates a panel with information useful to site editors -- such as recent edits, recent files, Google Analytics statistics, editor views, RSS feeds and current weather.


SilverStripe 3’s new Dashboard module.

Coming in December are more of SilverStripe’s SilverScoop podcasts and will cover what’s new from the project.

Tiki Wiki

In November, the folks at Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (news, site) released Tiki 10.0 beta. This is the first public beta for Tiki 10.0, which adds a European cookie compliance option on the Login Config page to the feature set available in the previous alpha.

This month also brought the Tiki project won CMS Critic’s People’s Choice Award for Best Free CMS, with runner-up XOOPS offering stiff competition. The Critic’s Choice awards have not yet been announced.


In November, the folks at Umbraco (news, site) put out three different releases and announced a new project (Belle) that focuses on user experience. The combination of Umbraco 4.10.1 and Umbraco 4.11.1 brings features and improvements including MVC support and a new request pipeline, plus numerous bug fixes.

Their third release was Contour 3.0, which added conditional logic and full markup control to their form builder. In December, the team will focus on the release of Umbraco 6, which is slated to arrive before the end of the year.


In November, the folks at WordPress (news, site) released WordPress 3.5 beta 3, WordPress 3.5 release candidate and WordPress 3.5 release candidate 2. The hope is to release WordPress 3.5 final in December.

WordPress 3.5 brings numerous new features that include:

  • A simplified welcome screen.
  • A new color picker.
  • An all-HiDPI (retina) dashboard.
  • Improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
  • The ability to browse and install plugins marked as favorites on WordPress.org, directly from the dashboard.
  • XML-RPC-enabled mobile apps.
  • New XML-RPC user management, profile editing and post revision methods.
  • Performance improvements when working with hierarchies of pages and post ancestors.