How's this for flat design, Apple's latest iOS update improves precisely one feature for one model of iPhone. Flat? Largely redundant more like. 

Who's Got This Problem?

Do you suffer from the nightmare scenario of a bad speakerphone audio profile on your iPhone 5? Do you really? Well, Apple must really love you, because you get your very own firmware update to iOS 6.1.4 just to fix this teeny, tiny issue. How's that for customer experience.

Apparently, there are also some security fixes in the 12MB patch, but Apple is not saying what they are yet. And, after all the fuss of March's iOS updates to fix the Evasi0n jailbreaking issues that saw millions of iOS users and their devices running to the hills, there could be something that this patches fixes in the code to head off some further trouble.

Learning Opportunities

Everyone Else, Move Along

With no other iPhone or iPad devices affected, the rest of the world can go about its business as normal. But if you do want your iPhone 5 to be as protected as it can be, then here's the detail on the update from Apple, that you can download now in the usual ways. 

With all the debate about iOS 7 and the whole flat design issue, and the worry over if will it arrive in time for June's WWDC, this really seems to trivialize the point of an iOS update. Hopefully this will be a one-off, but could Apple really have waited until a few other bits and pieces of improved or restorative code were sorted?