Sage N. America's top ERP partner, Laguna Hills, CA based Blytheco LLC, announced this week it has has partnered with SugarCRM, "...delivering to its clients the ability to effectively boost sales and retain customers, while saving money," the company said.

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Customer Webinar to Introduce SugarCRM

Headed by namesake Stephen Blythe, the thirty-year-old business consulting and software management company is looking to SugarCRM to augment its existing services with the open-source Web-based solution.

Blytheco will offer a free Sugar software walkthrough for existing and new customers on Thursday February 9th. The Webinar is designed to familiarize customers with the SugarCRM options. "See the screens and functions most commonly used, and gain an understanding of how your company could start seeing the benefits of CRM quickly and easily," the group said. 

Boosting Web-based CRM Solutions

The company will use the expanded partnership to help boost its web-based CRM solutions for customers. Blytheco has been expanding its product offerings and national presence, primarily offering Sage software products from the North American Division including MAS 90, through 500 and Sage ERP (enterprise resource planning) HR and Payroll software. The company was Sage Software's partner of the year in 2010, and claims to be the top ERP partner for Sage N. America. 

Blytheco has offices in twelve major metropolitan areas, offers the full line of Sage product offerings and targets support, training, network security, custom programming and HR and related consulting services.