CheckThis Offers Fuss-Free, Simple Micro-Site Publishing, Sharing

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Just when you thought that a microblogging service was simple enough, things like CheckThis come along. Offering fuss-free publishing of micro-sites, CheckThis promises quick posting of micro websites without even the need to go through complicated account signups.

Tweets with Extras

What's simpler than the limited character set of a microblog entry? Twitter users have found the 140-character limit empowering in terms of getting creative. With size and length limits, services like URL shorteners, photo-hosting and Tweet extenders have conveniently sprung up. But still, microblogging services require registration, which can be an arduous task, what with the need to verify email addresses, setup profiles and the like.

CheckThis promises a simpler way to publish small pieces of content, and you don't even have to go through a complicated account signup and profile-editing process. Creator Frédéric della Faille describes CheckThis as "between nothing and a blog," although CheckThis pages can also act as "tweets with attachments."

CheckThis Open Page

With CheckThis, a user is asked to key in simple details, like the site's title and body. Users can then add media, like photos, videos, contact forms, URLs and even simple apps. Since the pre-formatted pages include a "sell" option, CheckThis can also be used to sell items in conjunction with the payment app that uses PayPal to process payments.

Possible Applications of CheckThis

I've always held the belief that the most simple of products can be used in the most creative of ways. CheckThis is no exception. The headers and apps speak for themselves, in terms of how the creator envisioned users to apply CheckThis. Default forms include Tell, Sell, and Hire, although Custom invites a user to be much more creative.

Learning Opportunities

Users can create simple contact forms, polls and even for-sale pages. With the payment processor option (a simple PayPal form), for instance, one can sell items without having to setup an account with eBay or other auction sites. Users can also share photos, videos and other rich media, which can be useful when selling a product, or showcasing an idea. Or, how about setting up a meme, like People with Lana Del Ray Lips? You're not likely to run out of ideas to use CheckThis for.

Checkthis Published

CheckThis published pages feature easy-access sharing links for social networks.

Sharing is easy once a page is published, with big Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email buttons. The service creates a short URL type address, which makes it easy for anyone to simply copy and paste in emails and microblogs. So far, 10,000 personalized pages have been created in the past three months.

Interested in publishing and sharing content quickly? Check out CheckThis now.