Cloud Computing Adoption Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You're probably well aware that companies across the globe are making a beeline to cloud computing systems, but do you know what happens once they get there? Business technology company CSC surveyed IT decision makers from eight different countries in order to determine these outcomes, and the results are likely to surprise you.  

For example, when I think about the most compelling reasons for switching over to the cloud, saving money is definitely in the top half of the list. And while the CSC Cloud Usage Index found that the majority of businesses do save money, the savings turned out to be fairly small:

  • 23% of U.S. businesses reported no savings
  • 45% of U.S. small businesses (less than 50 employees) reported no savings
  • 35% of U.S. businesses saved less than $20,000

In fact, 20% of companies reported hiring cloud experts after the switch, which obviously means an expenditure of more resources. Instead, Mobility (the other obvious driver) was the number one reason given for adopting cloud computing technologies. Almost twice the number of companies chose mobility over savings. 

On another surprising note, concerns over security occurred in only 25% of U.S. companies post cloud adoption.

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Why Cloud?

On the very sunny side of things, nearly all businesses (93%) saw improvement in at least one area of their IT department, and 64% reported a reduction in waste and energy consumption. If that isn't enough, consider an increase in data center efficiency, which over half of the companies surveyed experienced. 

With 65% of companies having signed up for cloud subscriptions lasting one year or more, we're sure to hear more about the effects of the switch as time goes on. For now, check out the CSC Cloud Usage Index in infographic form and let us know if there's any other little factoid you're wondering about: 


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