Be they grassroots or company owned, customer communities play an important role in customer experience strategy. Listen in this Thursday, April 11, as we host a Google Hangout to discuss these important customer connections.

Customer communities come in all shapes and sizes -- customer support, peer to peer information sharing, customer ideation and more. Businesses see these groups as an opportunity to build engagement, trust and value. But what do successful customer communities look like and what can organizations do to support them?

Join us on April 11th at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT / 1600 GMT as CMSWire holds a discussion about this evolving relationship between businesses and their customer base.

The Questions

These questions will shape the discussion:

  1. There are many types of communities. What are the most important for organizational success today?
  2. Business-owned customer communities are now a key element of CXM strategies. What are the top 3 benefits/values they bring to the organization and how are companies measuring this?
  3. What practices and factors stand out that make customer communities healthy and productive?
  4. What are some of the challenges related to creating and supporting customer communities?
  5. How is the definition of customer communities evolving as more social and communication outlets pop up?
  6. Ian Truscott suggests in a recent CMSWire article that the need to create customer communities is outdated and it comes down to a solid social media strategy. Do you agree?

The Panelists

We've got a great panel of experts who will be sharing their field experiences: 

Hangout Participation Guidance

The Hangout will be live streamed on the Hangout Event Page on CMSWire's Google Plus account and CMSWire's YouTube page. We will be live Tweeting highlights from the conversation on Twitter using the #cxmhangout hashtag.

Feel free to post questions on any of these outlets for our panelists.

Still confused on how to join? Check out our step by step instructions for all of the options to join the #CXMHangout.