It's no secret that CoreMedia partners with Sevenval to offer the best mobile customer experience for its platform. Today, they have improved on this partnership with a new integrated mobile device preview capability that will make the marketer's job a little bit easier.

Adaptive Device Delivery Gets Easier

We wrote earlier this year about CoreMedia's mobile delivery capabilities built into its web content management platform. The solution is called Adaptive Device Delivery and it integrates German-based device adaptation specialist, Sevenval's device database and device adaptation platform.

Along with Sevenval's device database which contains well over 13,000 different device specs including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs, TVs and more, Sevenval has also enhanced its FITML4 markup language to support both HTML5 and non-HTML5 devices. This ensures that you can develop your mobile view for both iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

The Need for a Mobile Preview

CoreMedia and Sevenval have worked together to develop a new integrated mobile device preview directly within CoreMedia Studio. Previously, to see what your mobile website looked like on a particular device, you had to use a third party emulator -- outside of the Studio. Now that preview is built right in, and you can easily switch the preview based on the devices you have configured in your application.


As new devices are added to Sevenval, you will receive updates. Or, you can easily configure your own additional devices in CoreMedia Studio settings. You just need to be sure that Sevenval supports the device.

Keep in mind that this preview is a close approximation of what your mobile view will look like on a particular device. But it's pretty darn close and a lot better than moving from emulator to emulator.

You can check out the user experience from your own device. See here.

Designing Mobile Sites Quicker

Also new to CoreMedia is a set of rendering templates, made available in the Website Blueprint toolkit, that will help you get a mobile site up and running quickly. These templates can be combined to provide a complete mobile website and are customizable according to your needs.

Mobile is a Key Channel

The demand for a mobile experience is high and vendors constantly deliver new capabilities to support the creation of the best mobile experience possible. CoreMedia's mobile user experience takes not only the device into consideration but also the context.