Sensing a high demand in the realm of media and entertainment, today CoreMedia announces its new solution for web content management and user engagement across media outlets. Built for a new kind of audience, the Web CMS provider has created a means for press to publish high volumes of content, anywhere at anytime, and across any interface. The age of 24-hour news is upon us. 

All the World's A Stage

CoreMedia has long been a source for Web Content Management (WCM) software, focused on engaging, context-driven online experiences. This morning, the platform boosts its call-to-action with the announcement that the company’s reach will extend one notch further into the world of show business and broadcast news. Primarily targeting publishers and broadcasters, the new solution for Media and Entertainment is an object-oriented technology program made to suit high traffic sites, complex web content, and companies with multiple brands, major websites, and international audiences.

Acknowledging the necessity for nonstop access to content, CoreMedia strives to help companies enhance productivity and audience engagement while subsequently uncovering new revenue opportunities.

“What’s happening most in the media business is that consumer and audience behavior is changing with access to more choices over more platforms and channels, and they start to value content in different ways,” comments Doug Heise, Director of Product Marketing for the software company, in an interview with CMSWire. “Customers are looking for what is relevant, how accessible is it, what the quality is, and what their relationship is to the source….Media companies have to be multimedia and multi-platform. They have to think of serving up more than just standard web content."

We Are Merely the Players

The specific offerings addressed in CoreMedia's new Media and Entertainment solution are geared to:

  • Deliver highly relevant online experiences
  • Extend the life of content
  • Centralize content creation and management
  • Get to market quickly
  • Create a consistent experience across all channels
  • Create a community


The program comes as two components. The first is an on-premises solution for enterprise media companies, delivered along with CoreMedia’s blueprint platform, which will be updated every six weeks with new functionality. It contains an adaptive personalization module, building sophisticated user profiles based on interactions and social media, which are also made available to users so they can adjust their personal settings. Such a tool allows web editors to create personalized content for site visitors, like varying articles according to rule-based criteria. There’s also an adaptive delivery device to publish content on the fly, which can be rendered into the appropriate device immediately. Lastly, the program includes a social software component to manage ratings, comments, tags, etc..

The second application of the solution is a cloud-based SaaS service, available through CoreMedia’s partners.

In today’s press statement, Glenn Conradt, Vice President, Global Marketing and North America for CoreMedia, adds,

Media and entertainment companies today are at a critical juncture -- to be competitive they must reinvent themselves and radically adapt their business models to capture and monetize an online audience. Winners will succeed in redefining their marketplace with relevant and compelling digital content delivered with operational excellence."

Taking Over the Globe

While still honoring traditional forms of media, the new solution comes ready to integrate with social networks so that news can be published directly to such outlets. It also has the capacity to host and manage videos. As in the past with other types of software solutions, CoreMedia hopes to “woo” the world of Media and Entertainment by developing an object-oriented program, as opposed to its competitors. Its successful track record so far includes clients such as Internet Broadcasting and T-Systems, along with 15 years of pushing media companies to expand their audience across Europe and Africa.