Despite our concerns about personalization, both from a privacy and efficacy perspective, marketers are still easily seduced by its utility. Additionally, try as they might to resist it, consumers have grown accustomed to it. Yet, thanks to the need to engage users across various channels, marketers are under pressure to deliver personalized, location-based messaging. To do so, marketers must overcome a few challenges.

With the help of enterprise marketing and decision management provider Toovio, four problems faced by today’s marketers have been outlined.

1. Coherent Analytics

Marketers and analytics don’t exactly go together. That’s not to say they’re not interested, just not getting the actionable data insights they want. Marketers need analytics solutions they can execute and interpret themselves, in a format that offers a comprehensive (and customizable) strategy rather than the basic (and free) tools that are often used.

2. Targeted Customer-Product Connections

Customers are no longer siloed into one specific location. Now, they are spread out across mobile, web and social platforms. Engaging them across multiple channels is not easy. As a result, marketers are in need of solutions that support and offer prioritization across platforms and consumer behaviors so that the appropriate connection can be made.

3. Accuracy, Agility

Digital engagement requires that marketers deliver actionable goals for users. For mobile platforms, especially, it’s essential that brands are able to coordinate messages with their other channels to avoid making it inconvenient for consumers to complete other secondary transactions.

Learning Opportunities

By deploying real-time marketing applications, marketers can deliver relevant offers based on customer-specific factors, enabling message accuracy and improvements in time-to-market and marketing cycles.

4. Ease-of-Use

Other than accessibility, what everyone wants is for it to be easy to implement and integrate the appropriate tools into their marketing campaigns. Like others in the enterprise, cloud-based services are especially attractive, as they allow access and usability at a reasonable cost.

In Search of Solutions...

While these problems may not be exclusive to marketers -- most every industry wants to be able to more easily gain access to information that’s relevant and applicable to its users, while ensuring a return on investment -- they are the reality of multi-channel web engagement.

Now that their challenges have been outlined, it’s up to marketers to find the solutions that help them overcome each one, in a way that’s appropriate and meaningful for their users.