DataXu Launches Algorithm Marketplace, a Place to Buy Ad Campaign Models

Digital marketers who need tools to manage campaigns, data and ad inventory now have the option to shop for a specific algorithm from a DataXu marketplace and use it as a template to run their own processes.

Anthology of Algorithms

Ad campaigns vary by target, demographic, location and many other variables, so the DataXu Algorithm Marketplace offers different types of automated strategies for a sort of plug and play mix of programs. Whether a campaign requires advanced targeting rules or optimization, DataXu offers dozens of options created from its own history of helping customers meet their marketing needs.

Marketing algorithms are grouped by channel, performance, targeting and delivery options, and customers click on the preferred DataXu choice to launch a flight that can then be adjusted on the fly. DataXu refers to it as a test and learn product, and it's touting the system's flexibility as a strength over manual optimization or one size fits all products.

A lack of transparency into some vendors' marketing automation approaches has lead DataXu to adapt its model to what it considers a more flexible option. Algorithm's in the marketplace are meant to align marketing objectives and constraints, and it includes choices for optimizing for retargeting, video completions and Facebook Exchange, among others.


DataXu Algorithm Marketplace offers targeting, delivery and budgeting options for programmatic marketing.

Adometry, eXelate Integrations

DataXu is offering integrations with attribution and validation modeling partner Adometry, and smart data partner eXelate with this release. Adometry's tools could help marketers understand what is actually influencing customers, and eXelate specializes in providing custom audience models and segments for specific targeting.

In addition to being able to choose between prebuilt algorithms in the marketplace, DataXu can also build customized algorithms to suit customer demands. Providing data driven marketing tools like flexible automation sounds pretty advanced, but given DataXu raised US $27 million already this year, at least its investors think the time is right for this technology take off.