DemandBase Targets Drupal Users With Real-Time Identification Module
Since 2010, Demandbase users have been able to use its Real-Time Identification service to better identify business web traffic, as it happens. Now, however, the module can be used for Drupal CMS users.

Real-Time Data for the Open Source Community

Demandbase customers using Drupal CMS can now use Real-Time Identification to target website visitors with relevant content, personalizing the website experiences based on more than 40 corporate targetable attributes including company, industry, revenue, location, DUNS numbers and much more.

It’s not every day that Drupal users are afforded such availability by mainstream providers, so why now? Well, the Drupal community is a vocal, social network and with the number of users as big as ever, the time is right for more Drupal integration. In fact, we dug up this infographic released a few months ago for Drupal’s 10-year anniversary. It helps to showcase its growth and online presence among B2C, B2B and nonprofit organizations.

Learning Opportunities


Source: Acquia blog 

Good Timing

The Drupal Real-Time Identification module enables users of Drupal CMS to more quickly and easily personalize website experiences. Both marketing and sales organizations benefit from delivering the right message at the right time to improve customer engagement.
For those new to Demandbase or interested in learning more about how its Real-Time ID can integrate with Drupal, the company is hosting a webinar on June 19 to provide more information on how marketers and Drupal users can leverage the B2B Personalization Module to increase web conversions.