Demandbase Expands Real-Time Business ID Service with Personalization

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In May, Demandbase (news, site) launched a new platform called Real-Time ID Service, which aimed to identify business web traffic, in real time.

Today, they have announced that its Real-Time Identification service has been expanded to deliver personalized and more engaging user experiences for their customers.

More Access, Better Engagement

With the ability to match more than 800 million IP addresses to businesses across North America and Europe, Demandbase can now accurately identify more than 75 percent of web visits from businesses within these regions.

By combining Demandbase’s database with cloud-based technology, the Real-Time ID service uses specific parameters, including the company, size or the industry of the inbound visitor to increase online conversion rates, while working to generate increased customer retention and engagement.

Impacting Customer Conversations

Conversion rates aside, how can Demandbase’s Real-Time ID service impact companies?

Learning Opportunities

Not only can it provide a web experience suited to deliver industry-specific messages, shorter web forms and customized product offers for individual accounts, but companies can efficiently integrate these services into a variety of existing marketing and technology solutions, from customer relationship management systems to analytics and web chat software, all in an effort to improve sales and promote communications.

Built on its cloud-based Business Resolution Platform (BRP), a data cleansing and business correlation engine, the Real-Time ID service can provide companies that rely on their websites to interact with new and existing customers another resource from which to increase their conversion rates and engage users.


Using Demandbase Business Resolution Platform, customers can apply unique requirements across a variety of marketing solution areas.

As more B2B companies start to improve the strategies they employ to target and create personalized messages for their customers, more solutions providers, like Demandbase are ready to help them, making the transition and integration easier and more efficient.

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