Demandbase Upgrades Analytics, Zeros In on B2B Traffic

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Demandbase Upgrades Analytics, Zeroes in on B2B Traffic
What's the next step for Web analytics? Good question. Various companies are working this out as we speak--a fact most recently illustrated by Adobe's surprising acquisition of Omniture. Analytics together with a creative suite? Who knew.

Here to reveal yet another angle comes the business-to-business (B2B) solution provider Demandbase. The team unveiled enhanced analytics aimed at helping marketers see which specific sources are delivering high value Web traffic, on top of a new level of prospecting list automation based on their target audience's interests, behaviors, industries, company size and responsibilities. 

Solutions On Demand

Demandbase's name refers to their software-as-a-service status. The company's on demand tools, specifically Demandbase Professional, combine the ability to identify website visitors from target businesses with an integrated database of validated contacts and a so-called new breed of B2B Web analytics.

"There is a growing demand by B2B marketers to better understand if dollars allocated toward social media, search advertising, e-mail, display ads or other online sources are driving the right traffic to their website,” explained Chris Golec, president and CEO of Demandbase. “It’s becoming less about the volume of clicks generated and much more about the quality of those site visits–a marketer’s ability to convert those visits into the sales pipeline and drive new revenue is paramount to success.”

Forget Clicks and IPs

These advanced analytics are brought to you by the Demandbase Central data platform, which includes a proprietary matching engine that resolves IP addresses to a business office location, complete with revenue, company size, industry and other data.

Learning Opportunities

Rather than rely on reverse IP look up methods, Demandbase analytics uses a self-tuning matching engine. This approach allows the company  to reportedly resolve twice the number of businesses than solutions using traditional methods


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Because You're a Professional

Demandbase Professional 2.0 is offered as a subscription service, and pricing starts at a few hundred dollars per month (but increases based on volume of traffic and number of leads generated). Thankfully, you can review the software free for 14 days by signing up for the trial. Or, for more information about the software, head on over here