Ektron OEMs the Aloha HTML5 Editor for its Web Content Management System

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Web content management (WCM) vendor Ektron is entering an OEM agreement with Austrian CMS provider Gentics Software GmbH that will allow Ektron to distribute its Web CMS with the HTML5-based WYSIWYG Gentics Aloha Editor.


As a result, Ektron will be able to offer users of its Web CMS broader WYSIWYG editing capabilities. Aloha enables editors to create and edit content and see how it will look on the live site in real time. Ektron will also have the right to develop on the Aloha platform and to contribute to the Aloha Editor community version.

According to Ektron, other benefits its WCM users will gain from Aloha Editor functionality include the ability to easily format text, set hyperlinks, insert imagery, create tables and copy-and-paste content from Microsoft Word with all formatting in tact.

Ektron Builds on Aloha Support

Ektron initially began supporting Aloha Editor in August 2012. At the time, a post on the blog of consulting firm J. Boye lauded Ektron for “making Web content editing fun again” and also commented on how users would benefit. “The renewed focus on content management is good news for CMS professionals. A basic and essential task such as working with content should and can be much easier than what is the case today in most organizations.”

Learning Opportunities

By supporting Aloha Editor, Ektron enabled Aloha to power functions including Ektron's in-context editing UI, SmartForms (structured content editor) and blog comments. Ektron also added some custom functions to Aloha, such as allowing users to browse Ektron's image library and browse for URL links. A formal OEM agreement brings Aloha functionality even deeper into Ektron 8.6, presumably creating even more ease of use.

Ektron Adds More ‘Bells and Whistles’ to CMS

As reported in CMSWire, Ekton released version 8.6 of its CMS in July 2012 with a number of “bells and whistles” including key enhancements for search, mobile experiences and content editing. Ektron 8.6 also included automated synchronization of dependent files with associated content as well as an adaptive image re-sizing feature, allowing content creators to dynamically re-size images based on device screen size (something very useful if you are doing responsive design).

In addition, Ektron 8.6 offered deeper integration with Microsoft Search Server and Microsoft FAST, an enhanced support for URL redirects. By integrating the advanced WYSIWYG capabilities of Aloha Editor, Ektron is clearly trying to position itself as the dominant player in the crowded Web CMS market, adding ease of use to all its other varied features.

Ektron has more than 3,800 customers globally.