Perhaps the biggest news at DrupalCon was a four-way merger of leading European Drupal shops to form Wunderkraut. NodeOne, Krimson, Mearra and Wunderkraut joined forces under the Wunderkraut name to create an international team of Drupal service providers.

With over 140 Drupal professionals, offices in 10 countries and some big time European clients, this is another big step in Drupal’s enterprise saga. As more businesses looking to enhance their Web presence turn to Drupal for its incredible flexibility and lack of proprietary fees, the ecosystem of Drupal development companies is thriving. Wunderkraut is making a splash at DrupalCon this week recruiting additional staff and sharing its vision with the community.

The formation of a new, large-scale Drupal company in Europe is another event exemplifying the maturity of the Drupal business community.