In today’s business marketplace, web content is just as often the province of non-technical departments, such as marketing or sales, as it is under the jurisdiction of IT. Yet Web CMS solutions are still often aimed at users who would probably be thrilled at the label of “tech geeks.”

UK-based WCMS solution provider Envisage is tired of seeing those poor non-geeks getting excluded from all the fun the geeks of the world are having with web content management (WCM) technology. Envisage is releasing a new WCM application designed to let line-of-business users update and deliver web content, including content specifically intended for display in mobile browsers, without assistance from those snickering, bullying geeks.

What You See is What You Get

To reassure less confident, non-IT users that they are doing the right thing, envisage CMS provides a “WYSIWIG” (what you see is what you get) view of content directly in the browser. Mobile content can be developed, maintained and viewed “as is” without creating a separate version. Rich content such as video and images also displays and plays “WYSIWIG” within the browser.

In addition, users can directly edit rich content within the browser without additional software and save different versions. Users can also customize templates and have full access to the envisage back end from all major browsers including iPad, iPhone and Android mobile browsers. Envisage says the intuitive user interface of its Envisage CMS, which includes easy undo/redo functionality to fix mistakes, enables anyone with basic word processing skills to start using the solution almost immediately.

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Rich, Fragmented Content Poses WCM Challenge

The increasing popularity of rich content, and the fragmented ways in which consumers interact with that content, poses a challenge for Web CMS developers and users. The ultimate goal of both the providers and buyers of WCM solutions is to make delivery of rich content to consumers who expect a uniform, high-quality experience across a seemingly endless array of operating systems and devices as simple and painless as possible.

Envisage’s product design is one response to this challenge, but other WCM vendors are also offering their own replies. For example, in September 2012 Quark introduced Quark Publishing Platform, an integrated enterprise publishing platform designed to automate the creation and delivery of rich content. Quark Publishing Platform is intended to ease the publishing of interactive content across formats including Web, print and digital.

In addition, Quark executives told CMSWire that by automating the creation and delivery of “smart content,” the new Quark platform can help publishers solve the fragmentation problem. Smart content knows about itself -- where it’s going, who the audience is. It’s also location contextual, so for example a mobile user would get specific content delivered when they were near a certain business.

Web CMS Rules Have Been around a While

Envisage may have just released its intuitive, user-friendly Web CMS, but the vendor is actually following “rules” of CMS design that have been around at least a few years. In July 2009, web design news site Noupe offered “10 simple guidelines for choosing the perfect CMS.” Included were #2, “a CMS needs to work intuitively,” #6 “the right CMS should be easy for non-geeks to use,” #7 “it needs to include a WYSIWIG editor” and #9 “the template engine should provide complete creative control.” 

Of course, as more and more marketers need the ability to update their websites quickly, this type of capability is found in more web content management systems. The bigger WCM vendors have these "non-IT" interfaces for awhile, it's the smaller WCM vendors that tend to be more tech-driven.

Envisage CMS is currently available in the UK for a price of approximately US$ 8,000.