EPiServer Announces 'Big Data' Search Product

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EPiServer Announces ‘Big Data’ Search Product
Despite the best navigational design, site visitors often reach first for the search function. To help match visitors with the content for which they are searching, EPiServer has released EPiServer Find.

The company said that its new “big data” product, available as of June 15, can be used effectively for the free text, unstructured content search typical of Web sites. To help businesses deliver appropriate content despite unusual search terms or wording variations, EPiServer Find offers the ability to editorially control search results.

‘Great Content Retrieval’

Bob Egner, VP Product Management at EPiServer, said in a statement that “great content retrieval is at the heart of great content management,” adding that the new Find product allows for the “re-use of unstructured content and improved site search.” He noted that EPiServer’s information retrieval technology can be used by developers to “create data-oriented applications in hours instead of weeks.”

Large websites often have a wide variety of content, including user-generated information, product descriptions and articles, but the company said that its product is designed to handle a wide variety of content as well as non-hierarchical navigational structures -- and in more than 30 languages.

Features of the new search tool include geo search, which indexes geographical coordinates and can search for locations using such terms as “in this part of town” or “along this route.”

Learning Opportunities

With EPiServer Find, an indexed document is made searchable and retrievable. Searchable data, in addition to the information on the site, includes information in such formats as XML, PDF, Microsoft Word and Apple iWorks.

Support for Facets

The tool also supports facets, which are aggregations of data from documents matching a given search term, a set of filtering or an index. Types of supported facets include statistical, histograms and geo-distance.

The company said that Find can be scalable to the task at hand, either through its hosted service, which can add clusters of servers, or locally, where a customer can add additional servers that form a cluster.

Founded in 1994, EPiServer has offices in nine countries. Its technology platform, which integrates content, community, commerce, communications and a metrics dashboard is delivered through nearly 600 partner companies to more than 20,000 websites, and is used by over 130,000 Web editors every day.