In this week's Facebook App of the Week we're looking at Ripe Social, a collection of page design and engagement tools.

Facebook fan pages are a key way for companies to reach out and engage with their audience. Through them, customers can express their thoughts through a post, comment or like. However, many businesses want to go beyond the basic format of posting product information and photos -- this is where Ripe Social comes in. 

Ripe Social is an application that combines external tools designed to go beyond the basic format. According to its official website it wants to: "develop brand awareness, promote client interaction, drive traffic to your website, generate sales leads and earn repeat business.”

How does Ripe Social Work

To get Ripe Social users merely have to visit the Ripe Social website, sign in with their Facebook account, register and confirm their payment plan.

Once the registration process is complete users have access to 11 different marketing, design and engagement tools that they can use on one fan page. If a company has more than one fan page, it has to make separate accounts. The apps include:

  • Welcome: The welcome tab is the first thing a visitor sees when looking at the page. Users can upload a header image, add text, add a share button and entice fans to join by making most of the content private with a “fans only” feature.
  • Portfolio: A picture is worth a 1000 words. The portfolio app allows users to showcase products and work through five, 25 photo galleries.
  • Workshop: For some, business engagement is a well-rounded tool, so with that in mind Ripe Social offers a workshops app. Users can upload an image, add event details and add a registration form to the tab.
  • Newsletter: Businesses can update fans on new ventures and product developments by offering them a newsletter, which they can sign up in the newsletter tab.
  • Twitter: Social media integration is a key part of any business, so companies can embed their Twitter feed into a tab on their page so that fans don’t have to continually monitor both social media sites. Businesses can upload a header image and choose to display 5, 7 or 10 tweets at a time.


The Cost of Ripe Social

Unlike many other Facebook apps we've covered, Ripe Social isn't free. In addition to a one time activation fee of US$ 50, users have to pay US$ 99 per year for the service.

Final Thoughts

Ripe Social is an efficient and easy to use system of apps. With a sleek design, this app collection would be a good tool for both large and small businesses. Larger businesses can create a professional looking engagement platform without having to spend a lot of time or money, while smaller businesses, despite the cost, have the tools they need to increase their fan base and improve customer engagement.