German company e-Spirit, the provider of the FirstSpirit CMS, is on its way up. In the last year, the company has opened an office in the U.S, been named to the Gartner Web CMS Magic Quadrant (niche level) and now released a major new update called FirstSpirit 5.0. 

Ease of Use and Connectivity are Key

Large enterprises in many industries are using the smooth looking system, the Java-based FirstSpirit might be worth a look if your company needs things like:

  • Simple in-browser dashboard access for occasional editors, called WebClient.
  • A Java Client for more in-depth editing and accessing legacy systems and portals.
  • Intuitive tools like menus and report areas for fast access to content and quick updating.
  • Complete integration of the FirstSpirit AppCenter for connecting to databases and other services (APIs, etc).
  • Integrated search with auto-complete and the ability to drag and drop search results right into entry components, including videos and images.

e-Spirit Launches Major Update with FirstSpirit 5.0 Web CMS

WebClient in-browser editor in action. Note the Undo button at the upper left.

e-Spirit has been in business for over a decade, and after working for many years on the core components of FirstSpirit, the company is now more focused on adding new features and expanding its connectivity via the AppCenter. In fact, the AppCenter was one of the strengths highlighted in Gartner's Web CMS Magic Quadrant featuring e-Spirit as a Niche player. For large companies, this extensibility is key, and e-Spirit seems to take this part of its business very seriously. 

Popular portals like SAP NetWeaver, IBM WebSphere, Liferay and Microsoft SharePoint fully integrate with FirstSpirit and offer a unified feel to the entire system for easier onboarding and maintenance of use.

Content Reuse and Web Apps

Reusing content is a great time-saver, but is also key for cross-channel publishing. FirstSpirit even helps with publishing across languages with tools like automated distribution of content in any number of languages, change tracking and localization workflows. It even offers fallback strategies for untranslated content.

For combining content with Web apps like Google, the tools can be pulled right into FirstSpirit to maintain a consistent feel but with added features.


Google maps functions right in the FirstSpirit CMS. This makes content localization super easy.

Other features we like are the drag-and-drop elements that work within clients or from external systems. Tutorials are always welcome, and FirstSpirit indeed makes use of wizards for guiding content management. Dynamic forms are used to make complex content easy to insert, and there's a URL generator for maximizing SEO or making short URLs for landing pages.

FirstSpirit 5.0 is available now.