ForeSee Study Ranks Retail Mobile Experiences, No Surprises on the Best

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Retail mobile experiences are rated in a ForSee Study. Bet you don't know who made the top of the list. Okay, maybe you do.

According to the Mobile Satisfaction Index: Retail Edition, released Thursday by customer experience analysis firm ForeSee, Net retailer Amazon took top place for customer satisfaction with the retail mobile experience. Avon and Apple took the next two top spots. The report utilized 4500 customer surveys conducted last month. About three-quarters of those surveyed used phones, and the rest used tablets.

The Mobile Experience Is Different

ForeSee President and CEO Larry Freed said in a statement that “customers experience the web differently on mobile devices, and companies that do not measure the mobile experience miss an opportunity to solidify customer loyalty and risk losing customers to companies that do so.” (Editor's note: Check out: Adobe 2012 Mobile Survey Highlights the Rise of Mobile and the Demise of the User Experience).

On the Index’s 100 point scale, scores ranged from 84 to 76. ForeSee said that it considered a score of 80 or above to be a “benchmark of excellence,” and half of the measured retailers did so. Amazon scored 84, Avon 83 and Apple 82, but overall, satisfaction with the top retailers was only 79.

Following Apple were, in order, Victoria’s Secret, Barnes and Noble, eBay, Netflix, Staples, Walgreens, Best Buy, Groupon, J.C. Penney, Dell, Home Depot, Living Social, Macy’s, Walmart, Sears and Target.

The mobile retail experience is still a work in progress. ForeSee found that mobile retail experience lags behind the web-based retail experience, which, by now, is fairly uniform across desktops and laptops.

Learning Opportunities

Mobile Matters

But mobile devices have to contend with a variety of screen sizes, OSs, hardware specs and transmission speeds, all of which make a consistent experience across devices difficult to achieve.

Comparing mobile satisfaction scores to web satisfaction -- based on ForeSee’s Spring 2012 Online Satisfaction Index -- the research firm said that “nearly all of the top retailers perform better on traditional websites.”

All of this matters, ForeSee said. Satisfied customers are 69 percent more likely to make a purchase on their mobile device, 72 percent more likely to suggest a retailer to someone else, and 58 percent more likely to come back.

Even with the challenges presented by mobile, retailers are increasing their bets -- bigtime. According to a new report by Shop.org (available for its members), retailers will spend an average investment of US$ 207,000 on mobile this year. Last year, it was US$ 55,000.