The time is upon us! In just under an hour we will be gathering for CMSWire's Understanding the Customer Journey Hangout. We have a great group of panelists who will be discussing the ins and outs of customer journey mapping, how it differs for B2B and B2C, and how customer journey mapping might change in the future.

How To Join

Our Hangout will start at 9 am PDT, 12 pm EDT. Anyone can follow along on CMSWire's Google Plus page, on CMSWire's YouTube account, or from the live stream which will be posted below when the Hangout begins. The Hangout will also be saved and posted on YouTube for those who can't make it today.

We will also be Tweeting live highlights from the conversation on Twitter using the #cxmhangout hashtag so feel free to post questions for our panelists.

The Panelists

This month's panel includes: 

The Questions

Here's another look at our questions:

  1. The customer journey is not necessarily linear, but that's how many perceive or describe it. How do you explain customer journeys to your clients/organization?
  2. What are 3 critical steps/processes when mapping the customer journey?
  3. What rules of thumb do you use when defining groupings of customers for journey mapping? How do you get comfortable with the idea that you've defined a real group of customers? How do you validate your customer groups and journey maps?
  4. What data sources inform customer journey maps?
  5. Are customer journey maps static or do they evolve?
  6. How does journey mapping differ between B2C and B2B organizations -- what generalizations can we safely make?
  7. Will big data and predictive analytics make journey mapping irrelevant? Will businesses be mapping customer journeys five years from now?

Still confused how to join? Visit our Guide to Joining Google Hangouts.

Be sure to get your Google+ up and running and take a little time to learn more about Customer Journeys with our expert panel. We look forward to seeing you there!