GOSS Makes Mobile Application Delivery Easier

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Cell phones used to be a toy for the affluent. Now you can’tsit through a movie without at least once hearing a cell phone’s silenced buzz from somewherein the darkness. The quickly growing mobile population representsan enormous business opportunity, but it’s not without challenges -- constantstreams of new software and devices make it difficult to deliver customers aconsistent experience. Web engagement solution provider GOSS has announced anew solution that might make things easier.

Multiple Mobile Platforms, One Tool

The cost for organizations to deliver consistent experiences to customers across all delivery channels is continuing to climb. New devices and platforms are released on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, there is little consistency in supported features among devices, which means organizations are frequently forced to develop multiple versions of their website and applications. This is both expensive and time consuming.

GOSS has announced a new hosted mobile website solution that allows organizations to build once and deliver everywhere. The new offering, which is cloud-based and uses HTML5, includes a forms builder and content management tools such as analytics, workflows, social media integration, a page authoring tool and support and maintenance. The software detects the device version when a user visits and attempts to deliver a solution optimized for their platform. GOSS mobile application solution is compatible with:

Learning Opportunities

  • Android 2.1-2.
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Apple iOS 3.2
  • Blackberry 6.0, 7.0, Playbook
  • Kindle 3
  • Opera Mobile 11.0
  • Palm WebOS 1.4-2.0
  • Windows Phone 7

Sites created in the solution may function on other browsers and operating systems, but GOSS does not guarantee compatibility. Additional details about the solution are available from GOSS.

Getting the Mobile Solution

The new mobile site platform is available now from GOSS, that provides several samples of mobile applications created with the software. As the number of devices continues to explode, we will likely see solutions similar to GOSS’s that make it easier to deliver consistent user experiences.