IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter Commerce
Without smarter commerce there can be no smarter planet, and IBM is very attached to its smarter planter strategy. While it has done a lot over recent months with analytics and business intelligence to create smart cities, it hasn’t been as vocal with smart commerce releases. So today’s releases for Smarter Commerce are well worth a look.

Big Blue made the announcements at its Smarter Global Summit, which is currently underway in Orlando, and which finishes up tomorrow.

Customer Experience, Business Intelligence

This bunch, IBM says, is specifically for Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Procurement Officers and other top business people that are tasked with producing better and quicker results through better customer experiences across all digital channels.

Just like Smarter Cities, at the heart of IBM-inspired customer experiences are business-intelligence-based software solutions that tap into the buying, spending and shopping preferences of each individual.

All the new solutions in question are cloud-based, which means that companies that decide they need this kind of approach to customer experience can be up and running in a really short period of time.

With today's news, IBM expands its Smarter Commerce initiative with new cloud-based software and services that include:

IBM Marketing Center

This is a SmartCloud solution that combines real-time marketing execution capabilities with analytics in a single solution enabling companies to analyze shopping patterns and develop offers based on business intelligence taken from the client.

According to IBM, once live, enterprise can turn data provided by customers into personalized offers via email or website personalization (including the mobile web), all with a few clicks.

Smarter Commerce Managed Services

These services are being provided by its Global Process Services group, which adds to IBM's software and global business services offerings. Services include full business process and IT managed services that enable businesses to manage all their cross-channel commerce processes.

But it’s not just about software. IBM will also provide human-to-human interaction through these services. IBM says this will simplify the process of interconnecting multiple commerce channels.

Strategic Supply Management

IBM's new Emptoris Strategic Supply Management is available as an on-premises or a cloud solution that speeds-up and improves governance, compliance and risk management for product suppliers. With it enterprises are offered a complete view of spending, contracts, service providers and supplier intelligence and processes.

This too comes with enhanced governance, risk and compliance (GRC) features as well as improved analytics for contract, compliance and improved program accountability.

Finally, IBM has also announced a new asset repository that accelerates the adoption of solutions for Smarter Commerce. IBM Smarter Commerce captures implementation best practices, assets and knowledge that can then be distributed across the enterprise to ensure that any improvements in one part of the enterprise are shared across the board.

There’s another day to go yet for the Smarter Global Summit and it will be interesting to see what else is up IBM’s sleeve. So far, nothing about Smarter Cities, but there’s still time.