Enterprise application provider Infor is purchasing SaaS-based marketing resource management (MRM) technology specialist Orbis Global. Infor intends to place Orbis Global in its Infor Epiphany enterprise CRM suite.

Closing the CRM Loop

According to Infor, the company intends to turn Epiphany into a “closed loop” enterprise CRM solution that bundles marketing, sales and service. Epiphany currently includes a process management tool, integrated suite of data, customer experience and communications solutions, predictive engine, multichannel campaign management application and reporting/BI functionality.


Meanwhile, Orbis Global offers an integrated set of software performing functions such as marketing calendaring, digital asset management, marketing project management, budgeting and spending, artwork production, copy/creative approval, capacity utilization and analytics. Infor plans to leverage Orbis Global solutions to improve cross-channel decision-making, enable customer experience management and enhance its recently released customer interaction platform.

Orbis Global Named MRM Leader

Earlier this year, Gartner named Orbis Global a leader in the MRM space. Gartner defines MRM as “a set of processes and capabilities designed to enhance a company's ability to orchestrate and optimize internal and external marketing resources.” Orbis Global was named a leader for its broad MRM vision and capabilities, and growing expansion and market traction in North America. With a growing staff and more expansive focus, its pipeline and traction are rising, and its customer base more than doubled in Q4 2011.

Offering comprehensive solutions across all five MRM competency areas, Orbis Global additionally doubled its resources and boosted 2012 plans with a focus on improving functionality across the suite, better integration with social media, mobile management and Salesforce.com. Presciently, Gartner also cautioned Orbis Global might get “snatched up by a larger corporation” and said it expected consolidation in the MRM vendor market.

From Transactions to Engagement

According to IDG News Service, Infor’s purchase of Orbis Global is an attempt to join the “shift from transactions to engagement [with customers] that most companies are trying to accomplish." IDG also notes that Infor CEO Charles Phillips, “known for his role leading a similar run of purchases while co-president of Oracle, has also sought to modernize Infor's technology stack and approach to development since coming aboard in October 2010.”

IDG further states that the Orbis Global acquisition is “the latest in a long series of purchases that have built Infor into an enterprise software powerhouse with about US$ 3 billion in revenue” and that Orbis has superior marketing analytics to those available in Epiphany.

Financial details and closing conditions of the deal were not released. Infor has 70,000 customers in 194 countries.