Ingeniux 7.5 is the Digital Hub - Unified Web and Mobile Publishing

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Ingeniux 7.5 has been released today, offering web managers and marketers a digital hub that supports the management of a single set of content deployed across a range of channels and devices. There are over 126 updates in this release. Here's a look at the major ones.

The Role of the Web CMS Has Evolved

I think we will always continue to need web content management solutionsthat simply focus on the basics of good content management across anumber of digital channels. Not every organization is ready to go to thenext steps to offer contextual and personalized experiences, some maynot even have to. But many are at the point where the customerexperience has become a highly competitive differentiator. Which meansthe Web CMS has a bigger role to play.

According to Tony White, ArsLogica,

…CMSnow needs to enable the online marketer via multi-site, multi-channel,multi-touchpoint, multi-device, multi-lingual, personalized contentdelivery.The job of the CMS has therefore largely changed frommanaging Web content to unifying and optimizing an otherwise disjointedcustomer experience."

We've reported on a number ofWeb CMS vendors who have evolved their platforms to embrace the digitalmarketer's needs, Sitecore, SDL, Ektron, CoreMedia, OpenText and thatlist goes on. Today, Ingeniux steps it a few notches with the latestrelease of its web content management platform. Here's a look at whereIngeniux sees the future of web content management systems.

Ingeniux 7.5: Post PC Era

Marketers manages the customer experienceacross a number of channels and devices, PC, mobile (smartphones andtablets) and kiosks. But these are not separate initiatives, the contentshould be the same, yet offered in different views/formats.

That is what Ingeniux 7.5 supports. As David Hillis, VP of Business Development for Ingeniux says:

Forthe web manager it is really about having all of your content in onesystem, supporting your existing inbound links and SEO, and being ableto deploy content for mobile, tablet, and PC users in a way thatoptimizes the user experience for each device. While most CMS vendorshave been focusing on developing Content Applications (the CMS is yourwebsite and you need to “build” rather than publish), what is reallyneeded today is more of a Digital Hub approach where content can bedeployed anywhere, in any format, for any device.

Mobile Publishing

Publishing Targets in Ingeniux 7.5 have been expanded to completely support deployment to different environments:

  • Mark pages to publish to different targets
  • Check content into different targets
  • Version content for different targets

This allows an organization to manage a single set of content, but organize it differently for different environments.

In addition, you can now preview by Site, User Agent and Target in the main preview.


Mobile view

Multilingual Support

Ingeniuxnow offers a locale system, allowing an organization to set uplanguages and regions. The client also now offers side by sidetranslation and notifications and tracking have been extended.


Worldview - Multilingual Management

Alongwith translation of content, Ingeniux itself can be translated intodifferent languages. A new site localization capability enables thetranslation of XML elements and site components, and taxonomy.

Ingeniux supports English, French, Spanish, German and Simplified Chinese. And now Japanese.

Taxonomy Management

Ingeniuxhad the ability to create and manage taxonomy already, but theimprovements in 7.5 are a big part of Ingeniux's implementationstrategy. In this latest version:

  • New synonym support makes it easier to manage large category sets
  • Securecategories by groups as well as cross-referenced by a sites IA's (forexample, the News Section can only see news categories)
  • Localization is supported



Learning Opportunities

Taxonomy Manager

Editing and Workflow Improvements

A brand new workflow system has been implemented, offering drag and drop design tools and a number of predefined templates.


Ingeniux Workflow Manager

Interms of editing, you can now preview in full screen mode, as well aswith the side navigation pane open, and you can pin content and featuresin place to give you easy access.

Full Screen Edit_cropped.jpg

User Management

TheUser Manager has been redesigned, making it easier to manage users andgroups, sync with Active Directory and basically manage your permissionseffectively across groups.

Web Lifecycle Management

Onereally nice improvement in Ingeniux 7.5 is support for canonical URLs.In Ingeniux, when a page is renamed or moved, an automatic redirect iscreated to the new location, no manual intervention required. And thenew URL is SEO friendly. 


Finally, Ingeniux search has moved to Lucene, offering a number of advanced features like filtering by template or field, automatic indexing of new updates, and more.

Tony Whitebelieves that the ability to enable a mobile marketing strategy iscritical to a Web CMS vendors success. He says that Ingeniux iswell-positioned to do just that. Hillis has long been a proponent of thefuture of mobile and how it the channel for organizations to payattention to. Pretty much everything in this latest release will ensureIngeniux helps organizations make mobile a priority.