Internet Broadcasting, a digital advertiser specializing in U.S. media publishers, has announced a new mobile marketing tool based on the power of SMS messaging. This is a highly targeted segment in the digital marketing space, but Internet Broadcasting takes it even further with its newest campaign.

Given that so many Americans continue to get their news from television, Internet Broadcasting is using its Digital Agency advertising platform to help television stations in particular advance their marketing messages more efficiently.

Interacting with Customers

Internet Broadcasting supplies news agencies with the advertising tools they need. By adding a text and SMS-powered component, those same customers can leverage the popularity of mobile phones and leverage their news content in an interactive way.

“These innovative mobile solutions enable our clients’ advertisers and customers to interact on their terms, where and when it’s most convenient for them,” Reed Varner, vice president, digital agency for Internet Broadcasting said in a statement.

Mobile technology continues to grow at an impressive rate. However, text-based ads in particular take into consideration all those feature phones out there that don't utilize as much data and Web content as iPhone-like devices. Internet Broadcasting may be going after this under-served market with its latest initiative. Additionally, it's not like smartphones will be left out of this equation because they obviously are popular texting devices as well.

Two-Way Traffic Better Than One

Local news stations can now tie in their marketing strategies directly with their viewers by offering related content like mobile coupons and text-to-win games. Furthermore, Internet Broadcasting is offering a text-for-info solution that lets advertisers send texts back to users who respond to related promotions and specials. This way, advertisers can collect user information, allow them to opt-in to get newsletters, and even send out phone numbers and URL's.

It's kind of a niche within a niche here for Internet Broadcasting, but one selling point for the campaign has to be that it's so affordable. That's a good start for the growing company, and one that could be a potential model for other start-ups.