Introducing Keeeb, a Clipboard Replacement Tool

Salesforce bought social bookmarking tool Clipboard and will be discontinuing many of its services by the end of the month. As a result, users have been trying to find a replacement; a job that Keeeb is vying for.

Keeeb Saves the Day

Since the Internet is a bundle of information users need to a way to collect pieces of content, such as a paragraph of text or an individual image, instead of having to save a complete webpage. Previously, over 140,000 users had chosen Clipboard if they wanted to save small sections of content, but with the Salesforce acquisition the company stated that after June 30, the tool will only be used to build upon the Salesforce platform and any clips that were saved to a Clipboard account will be erased by the end of the month -- giving users little time to save them somewhere else.

To help users with the transition, Keeeb has designed a Clipboard Exporter tool where users can transfer their content as a Zip file onto the Keeeb platform.

But this isn't the only feature that Keeeb has.

In the Style of Pinterest

Founded in 2011 and released to the public in 2012, Keeeb is a clipboarding tool that's similar to Pinterest in that users can save, manage and group together similar items through “Keeebing" with the Keeeb button that is attached to their browser's toolbar.

With text, all a user has to do is click on the Keeeb button, highlight the paragraph or segment and from there a pop-up will ask which Keeeb page the user wants to save the text to. With videos and images users merely have to hover the mouse over the content in order to save it.

From there, users can store content on their public Keeeb profile, share content through Facebook, Twitter or email, or “Rekeeeb” content from other users.

A Content Curation Favorite

As with any product, there are similar tools with the same functionality, such as Pinterest, Evernote’s Web Clipper and tools that already have or are developing a Clipboard file importer, such as Mammoth, Clipular and Etceter.

Reports suggest that Keeeb is a worthwhile tool, not only for Clipboard users looking for a new home, but users looking for a new way to save content. Many praised the product’s functionality and familiar, Pinterest-like layout.

Keeeb takes the fun aspect from Pinterest, being able to clip photos, videos and what Pinterest is not able to do text snippets and presenting the content in the grid-based Pinterest-style layout,” said Dieter Petereit.

Others, were a bit skeptical of Keeeb's capabilities, but still found it useful.

It's certainly not as powerful as something like Evernote, and I wouldn't trust it with really important data, but for quick research projects or for a semi-private pin board of cool photos, Keeeb is definitely worth adding to your menu bar,” said Shep McAllister.

Either way, it's another way to clip web content to save and share later on. Have you tried Keeeb?