iPad Mini Images and News Leak Ahead of Official Event Invites

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 Why do the press even bother turning up to Apple's shindigs these days, already details and imagery of the new iPad Mini are raging across the web, even as the invites are sent out. 

Seen It All Before?

If the scuttlebutt is to be believed, members of the tech press get their shiny invites to Apple's launch of the iPad Mini today. But they really need look no further than the web for all the juicy details. The latest batch of photos show a smaller iPad (that fits within the borders of a regular iPad's screen. 

UPDATE: Latest word on the street suggests a launch invite on 23 October, just ahead of Microsoft's Surface launch events. 

Then there's story doing the rounds that the new model will be Wi-Fi only, to keep costs down. This along with blow-by-blow notes from the production scene in Asia, will probably mean all is revealed well in advance. The WiFi only idea makes sense, given Apple needs to match or beat the Kindle Fire HD's $199 price tag.

The pics (which could be fake or a deliberate Apple leak designed to mislead) show off a less tapered edge, and features like the Lightning connector and a 32GB storage option, perhaps there may be a 3G or 4G model, not yet revealed. This news was hotly followed by Samsung announcing that it will unveil the Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone tomorrow


Learning Opportunities

The pics come from the Twitter account of Sonny Dickson, an Aussie 9to5 Mac researcher.  

Playing an iTune

The event will also play host to the official launch of iTunes 11, which was shown off briefly at the iPhone 5 unveiling. Hopefully the new iPad won't suffer the same trouble as the new iPhone is seeing with scratches and dings to the aluminium edge. Its design is different, so there shouldn't be any issues. 

The combination of the Maps app problems, merely brilliant iPhone 5 sales and scratches has seen Apple's stock price dive in recent days. That might be playing into investors hands who want to snap up stock, just in case the iPad Mini goes onto be the hot item this holiday season.

However, with a lot more competition out there, perhaps it is acknowledgement that Apple's way-over-the-top-and-miles-ahead-days are now over as the market diversifies, especially with Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets about to launch, creating a possible third pillar in the mobile market. . 

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