To cover all bases, and hand sizes, Samsung is entering the shrinking game with the announcement of a smaller-model Galaxy S3 smartphone. Will all smart devices soon come in a range of glove sizes?

Harry Potter, Where Are You?

With Apple engorging the size of its iPhone screen and shrinking down the iPad to Mini proportions, why can't Samsung get in on the fun? All they, and other, companies need is a handy wizard to do the work, instead of all these process shrinks and redesigns. 

Wizardry aside, Samsung has done it the hard way and will announce tomorrow a European mini version of the top-selling Galaxy S3 super-phone. That will bring it more in line with Apple's iPhone 5 and give choice to those who think the original S3 (and the Samsung Note) are just a touch too big.

Likely to ship with a 4-inch screen, it will match Apple's phone and create a new entry point in Samsung's arsenal. But the phone shouldn't be substantially less-specced, as Samsung is stating that it is only a mini in size, not in specification, while highlighting the demand for smaller-screen devices in Europe. 

The specs have just leaked and we see a dual-core CPU clocked at 1GHz and 1GB RAM with 16Gb storage (plus a microSD slot). It will be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and comes with a 5MP main camera and flash, plus a VGA front-camera, The European model will have quad-band 2G and tri-band 3G (No real need for 4G in the old world).

What Size Would You Like?

Samsung won't comment if the smaller device will come to the American market, where presumably those hulk-hands are happier with the current Samsung Galaxy model (pictured below). Either way, you can expect an interesting court date between Apple and Samsung at some point in the future arguing over the "Mini" name, with lawyers going "we shrunk it first!" "No, we did!" etc. 


The official unveiling will take place in Germany tomorrow, and the news is scorching across Twitter right now. But, will a smaller phone be as successful as a larger model... we have Apple going up the scale and Samsung going down it, it will be interesting to see which is the most successful route?

It would be hard to envisage existing Samsung users "downsizing" against the throng of upgrading Apple users. But, if Samsung gets many million new users through this popular-branded product, it should put it in a far better position over time.