iPhone 5 To Help Apple Push Deeper Into the Enterprise?

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 The iPhone 5 offers users another step up the smartphone power ladder, while iOS 6.0 is another chance for Apple to win enterprises over. Will these steps forward add to the weight of users banging at the corporate door with their own devices?

BYOD of Doom

While IT departments scrabble around crafting policies and security protocols, the unstoppable tide of users bringing their own tablets and phones to work in place (or alongside) of enterprise-mandated devices continues to rise.  

The launch of the iPhone 5 with its more secure, enterprise-friendly iOS 6.0, will bring another swathe of these devices into the workplace. And with advances in "containerization" of information on phones and remote control wiping, the workplace is becoming increasingly capable of handling the typical Joe turning up with a new phone. 

App Lock is the latest function in iOS 6 that could help out in the enterprise. Primarily for education, it could allow enterprise developers to limit access to certain features of the phone, but there are other signs that Apple is taking the enterprise more seriously.

Learning Opportunities

Business is Booming

While new iOS 6.0 apps like Passbook will help the travelling and latte-supping executives manage their flight tickets and coffee loyalty cards. The more office-bound of us, or those worried about security or IT issues can look forward to a range of features including added password protection, global proxy mode and more. These are neatly encapsulated by Bitzer Mobile's Andy Smith in the following video. 

Then there's whatever else Apple has tucked away in the OS, or as an app which it could wow enterprise users with during the launch, or in future updates. While users might be running well ahead of Apple's slow migration to the enterprise, the company is slowly adapting the phone into one to be welcomed by IT, and the new iPhone and iOS should do little to stem the tide. 

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