Kentico Version 8.2 Released

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Kentico has released version 8.2 of its integrated marketing solution — just months after version 8.1 and less than a year from 8.0 last March. The company claims the update will make it easier and faster to launch and manage digital marketing campaigns.

Collaboration, E-Commerce Improvements

The update adds a number of new features, said Oldrich Januska, vice president of product at Kentico Software, including:

Shippingcustomization improvements. Users can now use the system to calculateshipping costs taking into account unique variables, such as size andweight, allowing developers to create a customized shipping modulethat provides store managers within a unique user interface (UI) within the system. “It’s quickand simple to calculate shipping charges (both through the postalservice and through shipping providers) for products of various weightsand sizes, and for various destinations,” said Januska.

Importcontacts from a CSV file. Marketers will now be ableto import a large number of contacts into Kentico more quickly, without affecting web performance. “So now users can leveragethe sophisticated online marketing tools of Kentico on contactspreviously siloed in third-party CRMs quicker than ever before,” saidJanuska.

SharePoint bi-directional synchronization. Users can nowpublish Share Point content to Kentico without switching screens.“Andas users can connect to different SharePoint libraries using differentcredentials, they can have multiple layers of security for differentroles,” said Januska.

Other new features include platform modules improvements, pre-compilation enhancements and support for separated database in the upgrade procedure.

“Byoffering much more out-of-the-box functionality than comparablesystems, Kentico cuts development time in half, while makingenterprise-grade, integrated marketing manageable and affordable forbusinesses of all sizes,” said Januska.

Based on Customer Feedback

The decision to make these updates, according to Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas, was prompted by customer feedback.

“Withthe new features contained in Kentico 8.2, we continue to show we notonly listen to our customers, we respond to their needs,” he said. “Weare constantly working to enhance our product to bring our customers theeasy-to-use and affordable set of tools they need to launch and manageintegrated digital marketing activities that are highly personalized,dynamic and effective.”

Learning Opportunities

Kentico claims implementation and integration should be relatively straightforward.“Kentico8.2 is a minor version with a minimum number of breaking changes, so theupgrade procedure is smooth and painless,” said Januska.

The update should play well withthird-party software, including CRMs and ERPs, he said. “We don’t expectany integration or implementation challenges and anybody with knowledgeof previous versions of Kentico will be able to work with Kentico 8.2without any issues,” said Januska.

Fees can be found on the Kentico website.

Thecompany claims Kentico 8.2 will bring numerous benefits for itsusers. “By simplifying how smart digital marketing can be achieved,delivering far more functionality out of the box, and breaking withconventional pricing models, Kentico 8.2 gives organizationssophisticated online marketing they can afford, without the sacrifice tofunctionality they can’t,” said Januska.

Founded in 2004, Kentico is headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in the US, UK and Australia.