Magus Web Quality Management Vendor Rebrands As ActiveStandards

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Web Quality Management (WQM) vendor Magus has just announced that it has rebranded and renamed the company to reflect the growing use and interest in its principal product ActiveStandards.

Focused on ActiveStandards

To explain the thinking behind the rebranding, Simon Lande, founder and CEO of ActiveStandards talked to CMSWire. Lande told us that the growth of the company and the community around the original ActiveStandards product was the principal motivating factor in the rebrand.

According to Lande, the new brand will help the company’s customers crystallize the brand and the product offers better.

The ActiveStandards community now extends far beyond the original company, encompassing thousands of people in dozens of countries, all of whom are actively engaging with web standards and transforming their websites under the ActiveStandards banner, Lande said.

ActiveStandards was developed first in 2006 on a bespoke basis for Unilever to address a problem they had with their web presence as Unilever rebranded.

"When we did this we realized there was a big gap in the market for large companies in particular with a complex web presence looking to find a solution to maintain the quality and integrality of their web content,” Lande said.

"So we developed ActiveStandards into a platform application along with a suite of other applications. ActiveStandards caught people’s attention and it got to the point where users couldn’t distinguish between Activestandards and Magus the company."

ActiveStandards Quality Management

Explaining what ActiveStandards actually does, Lande said that it picks up where web content management leaves off. It does not, he said, compete with content management systems, but rather offers them the possibility of scaling quality control processes to global enterprises with hundreds of websites.

As a hosted platform, it monitors content quality and consistency across those web presences offering enterprises a birds-eye view of their websites at all levels including content. This enables them to assess the impact and effectiveness of the web experience the enterprises are providing.

The objective, though, is not to expose shortcomings in content management systems, least some vendors think that ActiveStandards was developed to find failings.

Learning Opportunities

What we’re doing does not expose any shortcomings of the content management systems; it’s just that CMS is not designed to do content reporting and Active Standards is,” Lande says.

He dividesActiveStandard’s objectives in two:

  1. Error identification through ActiveStandards
  2. Error regulation in the CMS.

In this respect, Lande said that what they offer is complete integration of these two functions so as to close the gap between them. The result is that identification of issues with content become standard rather than something exceptional.

Scott Liewehr, Digital Content Technology Analyst, Digital Clarity Group,said

Today’s empowered consumer expects digital content to beengaging, contextual and personally relevant. Web content management anddigital marketing technology vendors have kept pace with theseincreased expectations, making it easier to create targeted,personalized content more efficiently. However, the result has produced agovernance nightmare. ActiveStandards has always had unique technologyto make web quality management a fast and easy process, allowing webmanagers to focus on creating valuable content rather than monitoringfor defects.”

In SDL Tridion, for example, where the two functions are completelyintegrated, users can now pull up a dashboard in ActiveStandards,identify issues on the dashboard, then enter the content managementsystem from ActiveStandards and fix the problem.

Lande added that the company is currently developing a new standardized API that any Web CMS vendor can use to do the same for their products. Watch for more news from ActiveStandards next week.

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